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What I've Been Listening To: July 26 - August 1, 2009

As I was writing this post, I realized I forgot to listen to Through The Aftermath #14 last week. I really wanted to do a review of the podcast this week due to the subject of the podcast; the atomic bombings of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II. It was 64 years ago this week that nuclear devastation was unleashed against an enemy for the first (and so far only) time. I've downloaded the podcast and will listen to it as soon as I finish with this entry.

First Time "Listen"

EQIQ #11 (Host: Dave) - Episode 11 is not the first EQIQ episode that I've listened to, but this is the first time I'm listing the podcast on the blog. EQIQ is the companion podcast for EQ2 Guides, which is a very good resource for EverQuest 2 players. EQIQ is one of the few single host podcasts I listen to, and like the others concentrates on providing information. But the podcasts are full of information.

Episode 11 is about the Gods of EverQuest 2. Dave gives a high-level overview of the deities and some important information. As is usual when listening to EQIQ, I learn something. In this podcast I learned where to buy the recipes to make the better crafted altars, which is now important to me as my carpenter is now approaching level 60 and I'm thinking of leveling up a priest and a druid who I would want to follow a god.

If you are an EverQuest 2 player, I highly recommend listening to EQIQ. The release schedule is a little spotty, but since this is an information podcast and not a news podcast, I think that is fine. In fact the only thing I wish Dave would stop doing is apologize for the irregular schedule. With 11 shows posted over at Virgin Worlds, we have a lot of information to listen to and digest. Length: 84 minutes.

Old Friends

Shut Up We're Talking #52 (Hosts: Darren and Karen) - Darren and Karen were joined by Bill from Inner Sanctum of the Ninveh and Andrew from Of Teeth and Claws to discuss the use of external information (aka cheat) sites and travel in MMOs. I think Bill hit the cheating subject out of the park and path the discussion took afterward was very interesting.

The hosts also announced a summertime hiatus as they go on vacations. Length: 64 minutes.

Van Hemlock #62 (Hosts: Tim Dale and Jon Shute) - In addition to the week's news, the hosts
introduce the second Operation Cheapseats format podcast. Tim played Granado Espada, a game based on New World exploration while Jon played Runes of Magic. While Tim gave a rather positive review of his game, Jon had a similar reaction to Runes of Magic to the one I developed once I got my character up to level 15 scout/15 rouge. His reaction was more entertaining than mine. Length: 101 minutes.

The Instance #155 (Hosts: Scott Johnson and Randy Jordan) - Oh my gosh, I loved the intro skit! The discussion about the upcoming World of Warcraft movie was priceless. The discussion ranging from the WoWHead premium service to doctors entering WoW in last ditch attempts to save children from game addiction made this one of the better shows I've listened to in awhile. I also listened to episode #154 last week, but if you only have time to listen to one show, choose this episode. Length: 114 minutes.

Channel Massive #98 (Hosts: Noah, Mark, and Jason) This episode has a Blog-O-Steria based on EverQuest 2. I referred to it once, but basically a World of Warcraft player decided that the problem with EverQuest 2 is that EQ2 is not WoW. Okay, you can listen to the rest of the podcast too; I hope my EQ2 bias doesn't show too badly.

Free To Play Podcast #21.5 (Host: Riknas) - Riknas did a solo podcast covering the F2P news and what he calls "transferal" issues. An interesting listen. For those expecting a F2P game review, you won't hear one on this show (hence the .5). Length: 24 minutes.

Warp Drive Active #48 (Hosts: Urban Mongral and Winterbeak) - Join the two hungover hosts as they stumble through the universe of New Eden with a lot of detours. I enjoyed the banter between Urban and Winterbeak as they discussed everything from movies to Goonswarm declaring they are going to take back their heritage. And of course, fail mails! Length: 96 minutes.

PODDED Podcast Season 2 Episode 12 (Hosts: Dillon Arklight and War Childe) - What is it about Eve podcasters and alcohol? In addition to the normal talk about news and dev blogs, Dillon and War Childe talked about Interdictors and the upcoming changes in faction warfare and the tutorial. As I was listening to the podcast, I was really getting the feeling I need to join the game fast. Although do I wait for the new tutorial or hurry up and take the current one? Length: 69 minutes.

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