Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mobs I Love to Hate

In Van Hemlock #65, Van Hemlock’s Twitter question was “Help me do my homework this week! What is your favourite and/or most hated MMO Monster and/or Foe?”. I try not to take having a bunch of pixels run by an AI trying and sometimes killing my avatar personally. But sometimes those mobs just get under my skin. Looking back on my time playing MMOs, the mobs I hate are the ones I first had a problem dealing with. In World of Warcraft, that race was the murlocs. Not only did I have problems doing the quests they were involved around Goldshire, but they made that crazy noise when they charged. The hatred turned into annoyance at higher levels though as I learned the methods to kill them without dying myself.

In EverQuest 2 I don’t hate an entire race. Instead I hate the scarecrows and skeletons that inhabit the fields near the Antonica entrance to The Thundering Steppes. I spent so much time on my main harvesting in those fields for tier 3 materials and those mobs were a pain to deal with. Did I type “were”? They still are. You see, there is a tradeskill quest that requires harvesting tier 3 materials in The Thundering Steppes and those fields are some of the safer places to harvest for my level 10-12 crafting alts. But safer doesn’t mean safe and I’ve done my fair share of running away from them. I still have to take some of my crafters over there to finish the quest. Fortunately all the ones I need to take over there are master crafters and with the Earring of the Solstice they can easily outrun the bad guys. While over the course of time my feelings toward murlocs changed, I still hate the denizens of those fields because even after 3 years of playing the game, those stupid level 20-23 mobs still give me problems.

But the mob I hate most of all from all the games I’ve played has to be Hogger from World of Warcraft. He is the first named mob I ran across in the first MMO I ever played and I never had a notion that a mob with a name would be harder than other mobs to kill. In other words, he was severely underconned. Hogger is the first and only mob I have ever repeatedly killed not to farm but for the sheer pleasure of watching him fall. In fact, the first thing I did once I hit level 60 (the pre-Burning Crusades level cap) in WoW was to go back and kill Hogger one more time.

Are there any mobs I like? My favorite mobs are ones that don't attack me. My next favorite mobs are the ones that are dead. But if I have to pick a mob that will attack me, then I would say my favorite mobs are the griffins flying over the fields in The Thundering Steppes in EQ2. I just like seeing something that big flying around.

My answers here won't help Van Hemlock with his homework. He has already turned it in and you can read his post over on Massively.com.

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