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What I've Been Listening To: August 9-15, 2009

This is a vacation edition of the weekly review. I should say "staycation" as I just stayed at home and started to learn to play Eve Online. I discovered that learning Eve requires a bit of attention so I didn't listen to very many podcasts. But I was still able to find three highlights that I think people may be interested in.


Goodbye Matrix Online. SOE finally closed down The Matrix Online August 1st and on Massively Speaking #63 Colin Brennan talked about his experiences in the game. While I never played MxO even though I have SOE's Station Pass, the closing of a game should never go unnoticed and Colin does a good job of pointing out the positives and negatives of the game.

Part 1 of the Scott Hartsman interview on No Prisoners, No Mercy #41. The sisters scored another big interview, this time with the former producer of both EverQuest and EverQuest 2, Scott Hartsman. One of the topics in part 1 of the 2 part interview is Scott's views on emergent and degenerate game play in MMOs. The example Scott uses in the interview, broker speculation, is a hot topic in my guild as we have a player on our server who fits the description.

Leala goes wild over Second Skin. If you want to hear an entertaining rant over Second Skin, the documentary look at MMO gamers, listen to Spouse Aggro #85. Leala usually comes across as the rational member of the Turkey family, but in this episode the roles are reversed.

General Gaming

No Prisoners, No Mercy #41 (Hosts: Sister Julie and Sister Fran) - In addition to the Scott Hartsman interview (see above), the sisters also talked with Total Biscuit from WoW Radio. For those who would like to hear more from Scott Hartsman, he was interviewed on Massively Speaking #13. Length: 88 minutes.

Massively Speaking #63 (Host: Shawn Schuster) - bloggers Colin Brennan and Kyle Horner joined the boss to discuss the latest on Champions Online and the closing of The Matrix Online. A nice little discussion about being fanbois started off the podcast. Length: 68 minutes.

Massively Speaking #64 (Host: Shawn Schuster) - Shawn's guests were Spouse Aggro co-hosts Beau and Leala Turkey who discussed the movie Second Skin, the rumored launch date for the new Star Wars MMO and the departure of Jeff Strain and David Reid from NCSoft. Length: 61 minutes.

Spouse Aggro #85 (Hosts: Beau and Leala Turkey) - Leala goes on a rant about Second Skin and Beau tries his hand at being the calm and rational member of the family. Given the nature of the movie and the quality of the rant, I highly recommend this episode. Length: 53 minutes.

Van Hemlock #63 (Hosts: Tim Dale and Jon Shute) - As much as I love this podcast, I couldn't listen to this episode. Literally. The pair attempted to do a podcast from a moving vehicle and I couldn't really hear them while the car was moving. I gave up trying. Length: 67 minutes.

Game Specific Podcasts


EQ2's-day broadcast on July 28, 2009 (Hosts: Dellmon and Zanadi) - The pair discussed the Tinkerfest live event and where to go for easy raiding. Dellmon does a bit of roleplay as he tries to play a calm and level-headed podcaster while Zanadi rants about doing the Cloak of the Harvester quests. Length: 77 minutes.

Eve Online

PODDED podcast Season 2, Episode 14 (Hosts: Dillon Arklight and War Childe) - The pair discussed the new copyrighted logo "Dust 514" and interceptor scouting. Storytime with Dillon made another appearance as Dillon discussed a recent battle that resulted in the loss of over 100 capital ships. Length: 96 minutes.

World of Warcraft

The Instance #157 (Hosts: Scott Johnson and Randy Jordan) - The hosts gave a long review of the new 3.2 patch, the pet choices of hunters and the effect of allowing players to have toons in both factions on PvP servers. Length: 113 minutes.

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