Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Taking The Plunge Into Eve Online

Yesterday after getting my carpenter up to level 60 and my main her 194th AA point in EverQuest 2, I returned to the world of New Eden. Here are some more thoughts I have on the game.

First, I love the login screen. I get to see my corp status (I'm in an NPC corporation right now), the location where I left my character, and how much money I have. The page also has a window on the right-hand side that displays news, both of the NPC, corporation, and CCP/maintenance variety. The window also has a link to a new player guide to help give some tips.

One thing I have to tell any new player is do the tutorial missions. I've done the 10 military missions and 5 of the industry missions. So far I have received three ships: a Burst, Rifter, and Slasher. And I would suggest doing the military missions first. The loot you get from the pirates will help equip your ships. I'm gotten lots of mining lasers and some nice guns.

From the tutorial missions, you also get books that allow you to train skills. This method is kind of similar to what I'm used to in EQ2, so the whole skill learning process isn't that foreign. Actually, the system reminds me more of Civilization than of EQ2, but EQ2 is an MMO so that is what I usually compare games to. Either way, it's always nice to see something familiar in a new game.

Speaking of the skills system, I like the fact that you improve your character using a skills system instead of a level system. I've never done that in a game before so the system is fresh and new to me. Right now I'm mixing in the learning skills in with the fun skills (like Minmatar Frigate 3) so when the bonus to my training speed ends I'll have the learning in place to make learning skills go faster.

The one thing with skills that I discovered is something called certificates. I'm going to have to look into this further, but I have the feeling these may be important in getting employment in a corporation. In games like EQ2, people can look at a player's weapons and armor but can't tell if that player skimped on updating his/her combat arts and spells. In Eve, I don't think that is the case.

I'm sure I'll have more to say about Eve in the future. So far I'm having a blast.


  1. 194 AA points?! /notworthy /notworthy

    I am an AA moron. Or, more accurately, I can't be arsed to do that which would get more of them, meaning that not one of my characters has more AA than their level. Most are ... oh, let's just say well behind. Course I don't adventure much, but that's no excuse! :D

    On the bright side, I'm closing in on my 5th 80-crafter and finally getting around to doing that epic crafter ear-ring thing...

    Have fun in EVE! I liked that game a lot, but I have one major problem with it: I have acrophobia in the worst way, and being out in space (even on-screen) tends to make me want to ralph. It really cramps my EVE style, sadly.

    Even so... you and the other EVE-blogging folk make me want to try it again. We *did* get 28" screens since the last time we played it... more to hit when I get sick, right? :D

    PS - thanks for stopping by and commenting. I likeses new faces! (Not to mention new blogs to read. Welcome to my RSS feed!)

  2. Thanks for the kind comments! Getting the AA isn't that hard once you get to level 80 if you can get into groups. I got #195 last night helping a guildie get his paladin epic weapon. If you want to get AA while adventuring before then, I suggest turning off combat XP. That way, you still level from doing everything else, but you'll find your AA will start to be higher than your level.

    And I'm not sure I qualify as an Eve blogger yet. I've only been playing for a few days now. Hopefully I won't write anything too outrageous :)