Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Eve Online Bots Held Hostage: Day 7 - H-Bot

Do you ever make a statement to the whole world (or at least the entire Internet) and are wrong?  Do you ever confidently make a statement on the Eve Online forums and are wrong?  And when you are wrong, are you ever happy about it?  I am.  That's right, I made a statement last week that within a few days after Inferno's launch that the bot developers would get their act together and all the bots would be working again.  Reading the forums shows that a week later that bots are running, but not very well.

For my first example for how wrong I was, I point to the H-Bot mission/ratting bot.  I thought that the developer had everything figured out in the first 24 hours, but he was a little optimistic.  On the 22nd, just like real players, botters started reporting issues interacting with player owned stations.

22 May

H-Bot:  Shit+clicking the open button opens containers of any kind in a separate window. So shit click open your corp hangar and position it on the left of selected item. H-Bot now shift+clicks when opening containers.

synchr0s:  and what if i use Corporate Hangar? now it always opens default "LOOT" division Undecided

Clevik:  When I warp away from the corp hangar, it isn't automatically close the corp hangar ammo window due to being too far away.  Hbot is going to have to close the window before continuing to rat.

H-Bot:  This will probably be fixed by ccp tomorrow. If not I'll make H-Bot close that inventory.

23 May

Pepko:  Any solution to the problem, that when you open corp hangar it shows you 1st tab all the time ? Sad

24 May

Me_me_me:  I´m still waiting to this fix. It´s getting completely annoying to having close that window by manual after 1st reammo. HBOT should close that window. Please fix that urgently!

The release notes for both the 24 May and 26 May releases said this about the issue:  *crickets*  For me, the funny thing is that the H-Bot dev is waiting on CCP to fix issues.

Even after the latest release on the 26th the bot contained bugs that potentially could get a ship destroyed.

26 May

s1ut:  Warped to a Anom that was BM and finished ( some reason one of the Sentry Guns Didnt Vanish ) The bot just sat there loosing shild and salvaging i manualy warped out when it got to 40% shild left

27 May

Diligent:  That (failing to warp after finishing an anomolie) happens since last game update and few HBOT patches. Before it was perfect running but lately it starts to loop after finishing anomaly. It says that it don't see warp text but he is not even clicking warp on results. HBOT does nothing about scanner window, he opens it then "20:21:41|White arrow not found!"

cyceron1:  ello
Anomalies autoscan
mini breaks this option is enabled  in 3.5 260512 ?

H-Bot:  Yes mini breaks work. Keep in mind this is to simulate afk for few seconds so use only low values for the duration because the bot goes afk even when fighting.

lethalzero:  beware i lossse one ship today for this

Even yesterday botters were reporting issues involving the unified inventory.

29 May

mevip: i have ammo problem too ... tried to test it last night ... drake with no ammo *ammo refil enabled and bookmarks configured* . sent it into  battle and it didnt detect its out of ammo ... it wass fighting with drones only ... 

flabberjack:  thats a different problem. the issue is with t2 ammo i think. when it drags onto the yellow area they do not move ammo across

lethalzero: please admin restore de old system for the ammo windows please

Something tells me that these bugs are helping Team Security find botters.  Can you imagine a Drake continuously warping to and from a mission site for an hour without firing a shot?  Obvious botter, right?  So that might explain these last two entries.

29 May

Red Bull: btw, there are still bans occuring. fuck ccp  Angry

jastog: A lot of my corp mates got banned in last week.  +14 days and all of them got negative wallet

I know that a lot of players have legitimate gripes with the unified inventory system.  But from my standpoint as an anti-botting blogger I really hope that CCP continues its plan to improve the system instead of rolling it back.


  1. Awesome sauce! Keep up the great reporting.

  2. I hope your bots never work again and you are charged for all the plex you paid for with botted isk.

  3. The more complicated the bot, obviously, the longer it will take the coders to get their apps working again. The fact that CCP has GUI issues EVERY TIME they've updated the UI obviously causes the botters and the bot coders extra grief. Don't be naive enough to assume this is some master plan of CCP. It's just an example of the shitty coding and unintended effects of their patches. There are a LOT of different bots out there, including simple O/S macro and script apps. The simpler the bot, the faster they rebound. Already I see the same old, reported, macro miners in high sec, doing their thing like clockwork. As long as tasks in Eve are cookie-cutter and 100% predictable and repeatable, there will be bots, like ANY and EVERY MMO out there.