Friday, July 20, 2012

CCP Laughing At Itself

"No they did not... Oh yes they did."
- Arydanika, Voices from the Void
One of the CCP's more endearing qualities is its ability to acknowledge when things go poorly.  After all, this is the company that altered a monument in the main trade hub of its flagship game to commemorate a player protest against the course the developers wished to take the game.  Often times CCP does this with humor.  So I guess no one should really be surprised when CCP offered this graphic proof that they had eliminated the problem with the streaming server that acted up during week 3 of Alliance Tournament X.

CCP has a long history of publishing humorous videos that poke fun at things that don't go right.  One of the most serious incidents was the boot.ini problem that occurred with the release of the Trinity expansion in 2007.  The problem was that the boot.ini start up file for the Windows operating system was deleted from some computers keeping the computer from booting up again.  This failure earned a short video expressing what many users felt.

Of course, not all failures are as serious as boot.ini.  Back in 2008, CCP produced a video that included a poke at itself for the failure to produce a working version of Walking In Stations.  That part seems a bit funnier now that we saw what was actually produced 3 years later.

And finally who can forget about Apocrypha.  One of the best expansions in Eve Online history, but probably not a name beloved by the marketing department.  Expansions are easier to sell if people can pronounce the name.  I think the marketing department got their point across in this 2009 video.

That concludes this walk down memory lane.  I hope you enjoyed some of these classic CCP videos that don't quite get the notoriety of some of the more recent trailers.  I think these types of videos help set CCP apart from the other companies in the MMORPG genre.


  1. That last video is PRICELESS

  2. Is the video of them stamping on it and hitting it with baseball bats from before they used it to stream last Sunday's games?

    If so, I think I know what they might be doing wrong.

  3. After three bashes on the comp, we got the picture, hitting the damned thing for 3 minutes over and over is eh ... not very interesting to watch. In other words... THIS IS A BORING VIDEO!

  4. Great love for CCP.

  5. LOL!! Enjoyed them all!
    Didn't know CCP had such a great sense of humor making fun of themselves like that.
    Thank you very much for sharing these. I wouldn't have known about them otherwise.

  6. This is why I love this game. Would you see Blizzard doing this?

    Big ups Vikings!