Friday, July 27, 2012

Recharging The Batteries

I don't know how Jester does it.  He writes every day, sometimes three times a day at the same time he is practicing and participating in the Alliance Tournament.  I, on the other hand, have hit a brick wall.  When that happens, I just have to dive into the game and start playing again.

I think I can come up with things to write about next week.  Low sec is fascinating and I'm learning that it is not as scary as I thought it was.  I think maybe I just picked a good area.  I'm hoping to see some Fweddit folks flying around or maybe some Minmatar militia celebs like Susan Black or CSM member Hans Jagerblitzen.  Or maybe not.  I'm a neutral so I'm fair game for both sides.

Then again, I've never done the level 4 epic arc, Wildfire.  Now that I can fly command ships, maybe I should spend the isk and buy one.  Or should I finally break down and purchase a Loki, which would probably help in low sec?  I am a little down on cash right now since I started buying mining ships in anticipation of the mining ship changes.  I'm interested in seeing just how profitable doing the epic arc is.  Also, possibly getting a set of faction probes is a draw.

One thing I don't think I'll do is go to Molden Heath.  I hear there are a lot of evil pirates there.  Apparently the pirates don't think they have enough members because one bunch is currently recruiting.  I hear they are pretty good at small gang PvP, having handed Alliance Tournament X champion Verge of Collapse their only tournament loss.  While a pirate's life does sound interesting, I think I'll stay on the good side of CONCORD, at least for now.

So hopefully I can come up with something interesting next week.  Apparently I annoyed someone because he has been leaving unimaginative comments in a few places.  If I remember correctly "James" is actually the ever popular Krixtal Icefluxor.  Since there is no pleasing that one, I'll just try to ignore him.

So fly safe, or fly dangerously.  Just remember to fly.

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