Friday, May 24, 2013

Finally Lost It

That Procurer I keep dangling out in low sec?  I finally lost it last night.  I'd put up the kill report but my loss didn't show up on Battle Clinic.  Maybe later when I have time I'll write something up with the link.  But it really was a good fight, with an Enyo, Algos and third ship I forget what it was.  Most importantly, they didn't get the pod.  If you don't have a pod saver tab on your overview, make one.  Also, I didn't kill anything but I did make one of the ships warp off the field once.  And my stealth bomber got away. 

All in all I'm happy, especially since I have 9 more Procurers.  I just need to buy rigs and I'm set to terrorize the asteroids again.


  1. Dude. I take off my hat for you!

    PVP in a Procurer! One would think you were waiting for them in an evil planed trap. The concept is mind boggling! A miner that puts up a fight and makes his aggressors leave grid! You sir are an example to everyone out there. I am a pirate now (newly minted) and I thirst for miner victims, but if the miner bites back (and is actually dangerous) what a story to take back to my mateys!


  2. Remember to only fit T1 modules, drones and cheap shield resist rigs on your new Proc.

    It isn't a PVP ship. The additional benefit from T2 modules just buys you a few more seconds, which simply isn't worth it in something that can't really fight back or escape a small gang. The T1 version is already tough enough to fend off a single attacker, btw.

    So, keep it cheap, let it die when attacked, and just do what you did and get your pod out of there. You'll be able to afford to replace T1-fit Proc's all day long on what you make mining in low sec....

  3. If you know there is a high chance of death. A couple of warp stabs may save you bacon.... Though you lost you 1st one after many many months, the drop in yield may not be worth it

    1. Stabs are generally worthless.

      You need two stabs to counter a single scram, and a small gang, such as the one that attacked Noizy, is likely to be carrying at least two scrams, leaving you SOL.

    2. Stabs are pretty much worthless due to the warp time of a mining barge. I find that putting faction warp scrams scares many of the gankers away - they think "TRAP!" and burn out of range to warp off.

      Maybe it is my skills, but I can't get any ECM to land worth a darn (with t2 multispectral jammer, +jam rigs and low, math says I have a 1/8 chance of jamming a frigate). The whole point of my barge fit is to lay in wait while mining, hope for some sucker to take the bait and then chew them down to size. Sadly, everyone who has tried has warped away. Usually in armor, but they all get away. I think I need higher DPS drones or better tackle. Or maybe a mining barge just can't get this job done?

    3. @tangurena - er... I hate to tell you this, but a 1-in-8 chance isn't very good. And, it might even be lower than 1-in-8, if your math did not allow for the relatively new sensor compensation skills.

    4. @tangurena - scrams alone won't do the job; you also need to fit webs. Ideally, many more than one, since a mining barge isn't going to be chasing anyone down.

      Also, if your drone DPS is a bit lacking, try fitting a DDA in one of your lows.

      And, forget the ECM.