Friday, May 17, 2013

Why I Didn't Mine Last Night

I know that a lot of people think I'm living the high life in low security space.  You know, sitting in a belt mining all those delicious low sec ores while eating Hot Pockets and drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon all night.  But sometimes I actually fly around and well, do stuff that involves expending a little ammunition.  I got so caught up in that last night that I actually didn't have time to undock the Procurer.

I started the night doing my new lead-off activity, checking my market orders.  I'm only using a fraction of my available market orders but I'm finding the experience of selling things interesting.  Of course, I'm selling in a low sec station so I figure I'll only have to restock once a week, if that.  After all, nothing really happens in Molden Heath, right?

That lead to my next activity, exploration.  I was a bit unlucky as the first system I scanned in came up dry except for a wormhole.  As I wasn't interested in doing any ninja mining I moved on to a system where I had scanned down two radar sites the day before but didn't get a chance to run them.  One was still up and among the things I found was a 10-run Large Micro Jump Drive BPC.  I think I can start manufacturing and selling those as it was the third one I found this week.

Since no one apparently was exploring in the system, I dropped probes and scanned down 2 wormholes, another radar site and a Minor Angel Annex.  I quickly ran the radar site and picked up two more BPCs, these for the Target Spectrum Breaker and Small Ancillary Shield Booster.  I'll definitely keep the 10-runs of the Small Ancillary Shield Booster for my personal use but I wonder if a market exists for the Target Spectrum Breaker.

Then came the big decision of the night.  Run the Minor Angel Annex or belt mine?  I chose running the site.  So I hopped my pilots into a Cyclone and a Jaguar and headed out for some nice relaxing PvE where I have to constantly watch local and hit the directional scanner.  But everyone seems pretty chilled, including the Fweddit guys who I think were looking for Minmatar plexers as the Amarr militia has made a real push in my constellation this month.  Unless people were dropping deep space scan probes, I was the only one launching drones all night.

The details of the PvE battle against the NPC forces weren't really interesting.  Let's just say that Cyclones burn down battleships really slowly, but as killing the Angel Cartel is always enjoyable that just prolonged the fun.  The best part is that the Domination battlecruiser dropped something interesting.  In addition to a Gold Domination tag and 1000 rounds of Arch Angel Nuclear M, I also picked up a Domination Nanofiber Structure.  My first good pirate faction drop!

I spent about 3 1/2 hours playing last night, which kept me up way past my bedtime.  But I had fun and for a change my finances noticed.  In addition to the drops of the 3 BPCs, I pulled in 24.3 million ISK in bounties and the calculator in my cargo hold showed 64.3 million ISK in salvage and drops collected.  That's right, I pick up after myself.

I realize that many will look at my night's work, see a 25 million ISK/hr rate and say low sec sucks, I'm having fun.  Despite the spreadsheet I'm keeping EVE is a game and playing in the dangerous end of the pool just increases the enjoyment.


  1. Nothing at all happens in Molden Heath.

    Welcome to the Kingdom of Yarr.

  2. 25M ISK/hr? Wow... low sec sucks. ;)

    Well, your income should go up dramatically when Odyssey goes live, assuming that you are ready to go mining for Tags4Sec tags.

    You *are* ready, right?

  3. get ready for dust bunnies and their pod pilot handlers to flood Molden Heath.

  4. TEST are doing some Molden Heath operations. I went down there a couple of days ago and killed a couple of destroyers. Didn't quite get to bombard. We were connected above and - amazingly - our ships actually show up in a DUST video but our team didn't get the War Points to call a bombardment.

  5. thanks for share...