Thursday, May 30, 2013

Revisiting Wildfire?

"The recall and expire options have been changed a bit – recall is now instantaneous and happens automatically on system jump or dock. Probes still have a timer, but instead of being lost when the timer is out, they automatically recall instead. The system remembers your last probe setup before they were automatically recalled so they can be quickly deployed again in the same pattern (by activating the launcher). No more forsaken probes in space!"

The above passage from CCP SoniClover's dev blog on the probing changes coming with Odyssey certainly stirred up some debate.  All I can add is that I am so glad I did not carry through with my plan to turn into a Sisters' probe manufacturer.  I don't see much of a future in that now.

I do see another market opportunity opening up in the probe market.  The RSS Core Scanner Probe now looks a lot better with these changes.  The RSS Core Scanner Probe is slightly more powerful than the Sisters Core Scanner Probe (sensor strength of 45 vs 44) but pays for the extra power with a greatly reduced endurance time (1000 vs 4000 seconds).  But now that pilots basically cannot lose probes and the probes are launched in a pattern, I don't really see a downside to using the Minmatar probes now.  I rarely find more than 3 signatures to scan down in the low sec systems I haunt and I usually finish within 15 minutes.  

I do have a set of RSS Core Scanner Probes from doing the Wildfire level 4 epic mission arc last summer.  I didn't do a guide but perhaps I should.  Both of my main pilots both have the faction standings and haven't done the arcs within the last 3 months so I can run through the arcs.  I think I'll do the arc this weekend, not only because I could use another set of probes but because my pre-Odyssey metrics gathering period ends on Friday and I have four days to kill.  I know that I usually don't like high sec but I can set up another experiment.  Since the Maelstrom is not receiving any changes, I can run through Wildfire in a Maelstrom/Hurricane gang before the expansion and then a Typhoon/Cyclone gang after the patch and see which does better.

Writing this post does remind me to do one thing on Singularity this weekend.  I need to see how the exploration changes affected Wildfire as the arc currently requires both hacking and archeology.  Now wouldn't that be a nasty surprise for the carebears who've ignored their exploration skills!  I wonder if anyone could make money off of that.


  1. Did you see that they are giving T1 CovOps a +5 Bonus for the mini game and T2 a +10?

    1. I knew about the T1 but not about the T2. But will the T2 be able to withstand an explosion?

  2. why would they do this? instant recall and the probe automatically warp back when they expired. might as well remove the expiry timer

    EVE easy mode

    1. Because EVE is too difficult for the average FPS game player, which is CCP's new target market. CCP also wants to remove anything that requires a significant investment in training time to skill up or learn to use, due to the much shorter attention spans of the FPS crowd.

      This trend has been going on for quite a while now, and so these sorts of things should no longer be a surprise to anyone.

      Probes will probably soon go away completely anyways, and the functionality wrapped into the directional scanner - just to make things "better" (ie. easier).

  3. I still think its amusing that probes are the fastest thing in the game, not using a wormhole, bridge, or gate.

    Those tiny little probes can cross a 100 AU system in less than a second.

  4. EVE Survival now has complete Epic Arc guides, the Uni Wiki has a more sparse version of the guide, and Jowen Datloran's lorebook site has some good information, but most has been recorded in eve survival.

    Be on your toes when running the missions around Frarn. There are a couple of mission invaders looking for arc runners. Read the guides and know what items/drops you need to focus on before you go in. I highly recommend a second covops character to come in and scoop misson objectives. Also, epic arc missions are using advanced AI, so they EAT drones.