Sunday, July 7, 2013

An Administrative Note About The Nosy Gamer's Association With EveBlogs.Net

I'm writing this rare Sunday post due to the latest drama occurring in the Eve blogosphere.  While the action is intriguing, I need to address a couple of things that occurred yesterday before refilling my popcorn bowl.

The first is the appearance of links to blog posts of mine appearing on

Those look familiar

I found out last night when reading the comments of my Wednesday post that I had been added to  My blog post in no way was a request for inclusion in Alexia Morgan's new venture and I never contacted him for such inclusion.

This fact is important to point out in the wake of Winterblink's interview with Alexia published yesterday.  Here's the statement that made me put down the popcorn bowl, wash the butter off my fingers and start typing:
"But a number of bloggers are talking about the same thing. The controversy is real and seems to enrage them. It’s not beneficial to me to try and bring a community together by enraging them. So the ‘change of focus’ is to, put it bluntly, tell them to go screw themselves. If they want to remain independent, they can. If they want to struggle against the concept of community, they can. If they think creating ‘competition’ amongst various community sites or blogs is a good thing, they’re entitled to their opinions. What’s left for me to do is simply focus on those that want to be in the community and support the community. Those that don’t, so be it.

"However, I’m pondering on whether or not I should allow independent bloggers to use Eve Blogs Network to promote their blogs if they’re adamantly against the idea. If you’re an independent blogger wanting to have your blog listed on a community portal, I think it’s a bit ripe to sign up to have your blog updates presented on the portal, and then start blogging about your resistance to the concept of community and a community portal.
"So the change of focus is going to take all this into consideration as I move forward. Community is community – those that don’t support it, well, you’re obviously not into community and shouldn’t be part of it. Rotten apples, and all that. I’ll instead focus on those that do support it and want to be part of it."

Once again, I need to state I did not sign up for  In fact, I concluded Wednesday's post with the following paragraph.
"Well, Alexia has the site up and running.  I don't have to worry about this because, since I'm not an EVE blogger, I couldn't participant even if I wanted to.  Which I don't.  I think anyone joining it for the purposes of blogging is making a poor long term decision.  The Eve blogosphere has seen hosting sites before go out of business overnight with no warning.  But I linked it anyway because I can always be wrong.  Besides, since I have no dog in this fight, I can just grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show."
And yet, feeling the way he does, Alexia added this "rotten apple" to his site anyway.  Very strange.

I have contacted Alexia and asked to be removed from his site.  I have received a reply stating that will occur.  Hopefully this ends my involvement in the drama and I can get back to my popcorn bowl and enjoy the show.

EDIT:  Apparently Alexia has decided to keep me linked to his site.

EDIT 2  (15 July 2013):  It looks like I am off the site now. I'm not going to make any more comments about it and hopefully this is the last I ever write about


  1. I've changed my mind. You're an Eve blog, and is a portal to promote Eve blogs. I made a decision to add you, I'm happy to keep you there. All the best.

    1. Very interesting. I better get more popcorn.

    2. Your "struggle against the concept of community" is not valid. You will be assimilated into the Blog Collective.

      What a fascist.

    3. I wonder when I'll be added against my will. That's when you hit the big leagues in the Alexia-sphere right?

  2. I thought this was an eve blog? Actually the only blog I read, sadly.

    1. I write a lot about Eve, but not exclusively. In the past there have been discussions concerning the Eve Blog Pack about how much non-Eve material a blogger could output and still be considered an "Eve blogger."

      Since I have a regular Tuesday feature that discusses non-Eve games, I figure I'm safest describing myself as someone who blogs a lot about the game.

    2. (Assuming you're referencing Digital Dozen.) Even that mentions EVE though. I always considered you an EVE blog until you said you weren't. But almost all your posts focus on EVE and if we say you aren't an EVE blog then I think we'd have to see Jester's Trek isn't either as he occasionally posts about other games and random stuff.

  3. I may be missing something (and I really might, as I can't access from this computer), but how is your 'addition' to the site any different to the sidebars you and just about any blogger have on your own blogs?

    You aren't being published there, or being requested to move your hosting there, so what's the problem? Someone is actively linking to your site, on the premiss that your content will be relevant to those who see the link. That's a good thing, no?

    1. Actually there is a feed so in a way he is being published there to an extent. But that is being picky. I think it is more a topic of people asking to be listed and therefore listed, something he never asked for. The site owner then says he has listed Nosy to be a dick to him.

      "Alexia Morgan ‏@Alexia_Morgan 5h
      @Freebooted I know. That's me being a dick, obviously. I'll remove it when I feel like it. Why? I'm not interested in being dictated to."

    2. I don't think that comment was entirely serious, more an exasperated remark. If someone asked me to remove a link to their site, I'd be in no rush to do so either.

      And it really does look like a standard sidebar. I honestly don't see the big deal.

    3. It does not seem like exasperation when compared to comments made in the interview done on Warp Drive Active and the sum total of the entire event to this point.

    4. @pjharvey - That's a very good question. If the listing over at was an ordinary blog roll, I'd have no issue. But if you want to be included in the listings on, everyone (except apparently for me) has to apply.

      Why should I care? Because Alexia is using the fact that people are criticizing his efforts yet asking to be listed as a means to attack others. Since I have recommended that people NOT sign up to for a "blog" on, Alexia's "favoritism" makes it look like I am one of those ungrateful bloggers. Or what Alexia calls a "rotten apple". So in an effort to untangle myself from that line of argument, I asked that I be removed. Well, that and the fact that I don't willingly want to be associated with

    5. I see. Thanks for the clarification.

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