Thursday, July 25, 2013

Looking For Podcasts

I decided to finally update my blog rolls of feeds for podcasts.  I have two.  One for EVE podcasts and one for non-EVE gaming podcasts.  About the only link between the two is Cap Stable, which is run by players in EVE who belong to the guild that formed around Scott Johnson's The Instance World of Warcraft podcast.

This move, of course, was instigated by the news that Voices From The Void will soon shut down production and the fate of the EVE Pod Pack, which is tied to the podcast, is uncertain after the end of August.  Unlike Mat Westhorpe/Seismic Stan when he gave up the EVE Blog Banters and Marc Scaurus when he handed over control of EveBloggers and The EVE Podpack to Cyberin, I know of no plans to hand the EVE Podpack off to anyone.

Perhaps that's not needed as EveBloggers also has a RSS feed of the latest podcasts also.  But in the meantime I also want to update all of my listening lists as well.  At the beginning of The Nosy Gamer I covered gaming podcasts and while I don't listen to them as much as I used to I still listen to them occasionally.  So if anyone knows of any good podcasts that update on a regular basis that I don't have in my blog rolls to the sides of the blog could you please let me know in the comments?  The podcast doesn't have to be an EVE podcast.  I'm actually looking for good EQNext podcasts as well as any Wildstar podcasts floating around the internet.  So let me know what I'm missing, because it seems I'm always missing something.


  1. Eve Local Spam podcast is not too bad. Redboxxed? is another one but not too frequent lately.

    1. Dammit Kirith, you are ruining my "We are terrible and will make your ears bleed gimmick! But thanks for the kind words!