Monday, July 1, 2013

And Then There Were Two

An interesting thing happened over the weekend.  I'm no longer the only person in my corporation.  That's right, after 3 years my corporation doesn't consist solely of my alts.  A guy at work decided to give EVE another look and liked it so much he subscribed for a year.  After wandering around by himself for a month he asked if he could join.  How could I refuse?

I did have to do a little house cleaning.  I set up the corp hangars so he can access the first 3 and then put a lot of meta 0-2 gear in there.  He's already lost two ships and made the comment that insurance covers the hull but not the modules.  I figured that some of the stuff I had lying around could finally find a good use.  But if he wants the good stuff he'll have to work for it.

One feature that came in handy was the corp bulletin.  I put some useful information up, including which NPC corporations not to do missions with.  One of the corps provides jump clones, so I need to make sure the corp maintains 8+ standings with it.  The other was a corp that is providing datacores.  One pilot had access to level 3 R&D agents because of corporation standing, not personal standings.  But I fixed that Sunday so he can talk to those agents now.  He found it helpful.  I forgot to ask if he's set up his overview yet.  I linked the Eve University overview guide.

One thing I forgot is how much a player has to learn in EVE.  Talking with him reminded me of that.  And just a pro-tip: do the tutorial everyone.  He was doing security missions in a Venture because he hadn't received the Rifter that is at the end of one of them.  He also received a Wreathe, which he needed to move stuff around.  He actually likes mining because he can go AFK for a bit in case the kids need him.  But he learned not to fall asleep in real life while mining in low sec.  He woke up in a station.

I don't think he's going to stay mining for long.  I'm trying to nudge him into experimenting with other things.  Okay, the nudging is actually explaining what's out there in the game to do.  At one point he asked about salvaging and I even explained about probing down someone's mission site.  I want to give him all the options.

Even without the nudging I doubt he'll stay a miner for long.  When I met him some 8 years ago he was playing on a PvP server in WoW.  For some reason I expect the lure of pew-pew is going to draw him to low sec, especially since that's where I'm flying.  But right now I think he's still stinging a little from his first ship losses so he's turning to something safe while he figures things out.  So he's purchased a Procurer (he put in a buy order and didn't just take the cheapest sell order) and I expect he'll turn into some sort of hybrid player who mines and does other stuff.  Sort of like me, except maybe better at it once he learns the basics.


  1. Let him leave your corp if he wants. Let him be part of a bigger group, with more players active who can help him.

    Being in a 2-man-corp as a newbie is cruel. Because you don't want to be annoying, and at some point just stop to ask questions.

    Don't let that happen to your mate. ;)

    1. I've already told him about Eve University. If he just wants to fiddle around, a two-man is what he might need. If he wants to do some serious PvP, then I may have to push him out of the nest :)