Friday, August 2, 2013

EverQuest Next Revealed Today

Today was the big reveal of EverQuest Next.  I think the gaming press was more excited about the game than the people in the room.  SOE has a tradition of not putting their best foot forward and that occurred again today.  Quite frankly, Dave Georgeson (aka Smokejumper), the Director of Development for the EverQuest Next franchise, did not have a strong performance.  Even with the material at his disposal, in my opinion he stunk the joint up.  I don't think he impressed the people in the room either, because when John Smedley came out afterwards and asked the crowd if they wanted to hear more, the crowd wasn't too enthusiastic.

Don't get me wrong.  Getting past Smokejumper's poor performance the content of the presentation offered enough to intrigue me.  And the fact that another game, EverQuest Next Landmark, is coming out this year to allow players to help build the world of EQNext is awesome.  So I'm cautiously optimistic about the game, but I don't want to get too excited and get my hopes up.  I'll take another look at the information and write something more comprehensive on Monday.

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  1. I am sure that when blogs digest all information we will see a lot of complaints.

    It is a sandbox, okay. By it will have dynamic events (public quests), no level (so, skill based sandbox, like the original SWG, I like it! I am all for the pre-CU SWG). 4 weappon skills and 4 utility skills (GW2 have 5 weapon skills and 5 utility skills and a lot of people make critic to ir... not sure why, 5 lines of skills don't really help).

    Storybricks is being used for make MOBs AI more inteligent.

    Can someone see the direction that this game is going?