Friday, August 16, 2013

Didn't Want To Run Those Missions Anyway

I'm still in the Ani constellation doing the COSMOS missions and I learned something important.  Derived standing gains only go up so high.  Normally that doesn't matter.  After all, who's going to have unmodified Minmatar faction standings of 9.1 and unmodified Gallente standings of 8.0?  I don't think too many people.  But I'm one of them.

So what are derived standings?  According to the Evelopedia:
"Completing a storyline mission will have an impact on all your faction standings via "derived standings" as stated in your faction standing transaction window (available by right clicking any standing entries in your character sheet and selecting "Show Transactions"). Those derived standings depends on how other factions perceive the faction you completed such important missions for. There is also a limit on how those derived standings can increase or decrease your own standings, as those factions will never hate or like you more than the faction you worked for." [emphasis mine]
I added the emphasis because that phrase now affects me.  Normally, because the Minmatar and Gallente like each other, doing a storyline missions (or COSMOS missions) would see a standings increase of 80% for the other faction.  One example that appears in the Evelopedia is:
"As the Minmatar republic is 'liked by' a factor of 8.00, this translates to 80% of the increase given to the Gallente Federation. Assuming that the Gallente Federation standings gain was 10%, the derived standings gain to the Minmatar Republic will be 8%."
Pretty sweet, right?  Except when my unmodified standings are at 9.15.  Doing Gallente storyline missions does nothing to increase my Minmatar standings anymore.  Of course, on the flip side I can't damage my Amarr and Caldari standings anymore either as I hit -5.0 unmodified with the Amarr and -2.0 with the Caldari a long time ago.  With the social skills in place I even have a positive modified standing with the Caldari.

To tell the truth, I wasn't looking forward to an extended stay in high sec Gallente space after completing the high sec Minmatar COSMOS missions.  I would have done so because I really want that Tempest Fleet Issue 2-run BPC.  If the derived standings would apply that would make my task much easier.  Also, with a modified standing of 8.4 with Gallente I likely could get the Federation Navy Comet and Vexor Navy Issue 2-run BPCs if I complete the Gallente COSMOS missions.  But after spending another week or two in .5 space I'll return to low sec and my normal activities.  Besides, who wants to do missions in high sec anyway?

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