Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Ship Has A Logo On It?

I considered getting a new desktop computer for a couple of months.  My all-in-one just wasn't cutting it performance-wise.  I stopped playing The Secret World because the computer just couldn't handle it.  After looking at the new performance specs CCP released in June I started wondering how the computer would handle them.  I figured not too well.  I went to a site called Can You Run It? and discovered my all-in-one couldn't run any MMO I wanted to play at the recommended level.  Yikes!

With new games like EverQuest Next/Landmark and Wildstar coming out Soon™™ I figured I needed to buy a new computer.  I originally targeted after Christmas because of all the sales that outlets traditionally hold.  But my computer didn't cooperate and failed Friday night.  Since I planned on replacing it anyway, I went out and bought a new computer.

Not a top of the line computer, but a much better computer than I've ever owned.  I think it's an HP, but I was more impressed with the i5 processor, 8 GB RAM (expandable to 32 GB), and NVIDIA GeForce GT 630 graphics card with 2 GB of dedicated video RAM.  Like I said, not top of the line, but I only paid $630 for it.  So of course I went and got a 27" monitor at the same time because they were $50 off as well.  After buying a service plan and Microsoft Office, the total came out to be $1300.  I was laughing as the total came up.  The guy running the cash register thought it was because I spent so much.  I was actually laughing because I spent so little.  Yes, I really hadn't seriously gone shopping for a new computer in quite some time.  Prices have come way down.

Should I have ordered a real top of the line gaming rig with an i7 processor and all the fixings?  Perhaps.  But I'm pretty happy with the performance so far.  After installing EVE I changed the settings to optimize for graphics instead of performance and the computer runs real smooth.  In fact, I noticed for the first time that my Orca has an Outer Rings Excavations logo on the front top. 

The bigger screen also makes a difference.  More space means my overview is taking up less real estate on my screen.  That will come in handy when I start running exploration sites again.  I would sometimes have issues with the cans travelling behind the UI elements I think that problem just went away.  Of course, I'm currently on the quest for the holy Tempest Fleet Issue BPC, so that may have to wait a couple of weeks.  But for right now I'm happy with a computer that is performing exactly the way I want.


  1. So what was the stats of the Old computer ?

  2. That's a shame, I could have built you a nice i7 machine with close to top of the line stuff including an nvidea 660 card and a nice PSU and tower for somewhat less than what you spent on that.