Monday, August 19, 2013

Actions Have Consequences: CSM Edition

I listened to the CSM town hall meeting Saturday on Eve Radio and was actually struck more by a discussion in the CSM Town Hall chat channel than anything stated by the CSM.  The debate was on whether for the next CSM crowdsourcing initiative CSM should hold the effort someplace other than the official EVE Online forums.  Those in favor, led by former CSM candidate Xenuria, thought it was unfair that those banned from posting on the forums could not participate.  Others, like EVE Radio's Wiggles, thought that not allowing those who had broken CCP's rules to participate on a CCP website was perfectly acceptable.

I have to come down on Wiggles' side for two reasons.  The first is practical.  Where else would the CSM hold such an effort?  Would they need to devote time to building a new website just for the crowdsourcing?  And if they did, how many people would visit a new website to participate?  CCP has provided a section of the official forums for the CSM.  Using the official forums makes sure that only current players can influence the CSM's effort.

The second reason is whether current players not in good standings, like those experiencing forum bans, should be allowed to participate.  My answer is no.  We play EVE.  In EVE, your actions have consequences.  Think of the official forums as high security space.  The forum mods are CONCORD.  Those who violate the forum rules are suicide gankers.  Violate the rules too many times and the ban hammer emerges to kick offenders into the more lawless space of places like Failheap Challenge.  People who wish to play in high sec have to follow the rules.

Now, I don't know if Xenuria is currently banned or not.  I rather suspect he is positioning himself for another run at the CSM with this position as proof that he wants to represent all of the players, including those who receive forum bans and can't speak out themselves.  Politically this is potentially a good move.  But for me, I recommend behaving yourself on the forums so this situation never arises.  Is it really that hard?


  1. If you are forum banned are you still able to vote for the CSM through the website?

    1. If you are forum banned I believe you can vote in the actual CSM election. You just can't participate in anything the CSM conducts on the forums.

  2. He needs his own forum then he can field whatever 'Eve Forum' banned people's complaints trickle through if he wants them to have a voice. It doesn't sound like anything CCP OR the council should be dealing with.

    That's not the problem of the council. It's the problem of the people who are banned. Get those forum standings up people!

  3. Your arguments are perfectly sound, but there will always be a small, yet overly loud, group of whiners who are going to complain endlessly.

    That's just life - virtual and RL.

  4. Xenuria is still around? I hoped he had finally given up trying to represent the lgbtstdlibentarena communities to try and allow male characters to wear dresses.

    Like the banned players would want to support him as they probably ripped him to pieces and tehy reported him.