Thursday, January 30, 2014

Countdown To ... What?

In all the excitement over the Battle of B-R5RB, I don't know how many people missed the appearance of a countdown clock over on the EVE Online community site.  The burning question is many minds is: countdown to what?  What will CCP unveil on 5 February at 1500 GMT?

Of course, the intrepid explorers of Tweetfleet (led by the most intrepid explorer, Mark726) had answers and tweeted them out yesterday.

This last one is the website, not the broken gate in the New Eden system.

Mark726 isn't the only one with ideas...

I think this idea is floated at least once a year.  It will never happen as I hear The Mittani is addicted to beer brats.

If this last one comes to pass, CCP will need to add a second NPC corporation, Hlöllabátar.  This will require that the system of Erlendur in Metropolis have a station built in it to house the new corporation.

Of course, we all know the real reason...


  1. Ha, I'm glad someone collected these

  2. Their marketing reach always exceeds their grasp so whatever it is will surely be underwhelming. Mobile app maybe, or some kind of vaporware announcment that lets us know to watch out for a further announcement! They're really good at that last kind.

  3. Obviously DUST on PS4, the thing everyone care about.