Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Year Ahead

This is the last of the traditional New Year's posts, just written and published one day late due to a DDoS attack, an EVE Radio contest, and a half-bottle of Jack Daniels.  Having written a review of botting and RMT plus a predictions post, the only thing left to write about are my plans for 2014.

I won't really go into my plans for EVE since I do that every August on the anniversary of creating my first account.  I will state I am officially not running for CSM 9.  Hopefully that announcement doesn't catch anyone by surprise.  Quite frankly, even if I was more knowledgeable about the game and better connected politically, that minutes process is a mess and I wouldn't want to get anyplace close to it.  Way too much work for me.

For gaming, I have two single-player games I really want to finish: Tropico 4 and Kerbal Space ProgramTropico 5 is due out sometime in 2014 and I'd like to finish Tropico 4 before the new game comes out.  I also haven't bought the Propaganda, The Academy, or Apocalypse DLCs.  I probably won't.  Kerbal Space Program is a very intriguing game.  I've played the tutorials and with the campaign game coming along I'd like to play that after I finish Tropico 4.

As for MMORPGs other than EVE, the only new one due out in 2014 I'm really excited about is Wildstar.  I'm interested in Landmark, but I won't pay to get into the alpha or beta.  Maybe something will come out of left field, but I've only got enough money for two subscription games and I don't seem to stick with the F2P games.  Maybe Landmark and EQNext in 2015 will change that.

I don't see the blog changing that much over 2014.  Perhaps more news about Wildstar as I play it.  One thing I plan on doing to looking into other games and how they are adapting concepts originated by CCP.  The most obvious is how companies like Jagex and Carbine are using their versions of PLEX.  Expect to see some posts with charts now that I've got 3 months of data on Runescape.

I do have to note that I plan on continuing the Digital Dozen through 2014, but if things don't get better for Xfire I may stop at the end of the year.  I like gathering the numbers, but at a certain point even I will admit that Xfire doesn't really tell us much.  But I'm not there yet.

So this finishes my year end posts for 2013.  Only 51 weeks until I get to do it again.


  1. One of the things I've been thinking about lately for concepts originated by CCP beyond PLEX is The Sandbox. I know it's a very nebulous idea and every game coming out now days is saying their game has one, but there are two core pieces all of them are missing or treating as second class citizens. Gathering and Building. Whenever I try out one of the new wave of Sandbox MMOs I always walk away from them feeling they are hollow and missing core functionality to be worthwhile. There is something about knowing and seeing Industry at work, even a step or three removed, that makes Eve feel grounded and worthwhile in ways none of the others do.

    So whenever you get around to writing about how others are adapting concepts from Eve, keep it in mind. Because I'm interested in what other people think. And there hasn't been a whole lot written specifically on the subject. Only reams about Persistent Changing Worlds media buzz words.

  2. The Xfire clients gone all odd for me and won't start automatically so I've stopped using and now use Rapr....although my prize I won on the EVE Q&A never arrived from america....