Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Patch Day

Yesterday was the launch of Rubicon 1.1.  Admittedly I don't think the patch will affect me at all, although I haven't seen the new UI changes yet.  The feature that adds the training time to reach a certain mastery level for a ship is pretty cool, but nothing that would make me log in and have to see right away.  After finding out that the display of pilots' status in the chat channels was broken, I decided I'd wait until today to log in since CCP Explorer tweeted that a hotfix installed during downtime today would fix the issue.  While I'm happy that bots were broken for a day, I just figured I'd make sure no blues tried to shoot me.

I should add that I know what the issue is. Since the only difference between the Singularity test shard and Tranquility is that CCP Punkturis has pink chat text on Singularity and not on Tranquility, the answer is obvious.  Give CCP Punkturis pink chat text on Tranquility.  I think you could persuade her to make the sacrifice.

That doesn't mean I didn't do anything EVE-related yesterday.  I listened to Big Country's EVE Radio show on my iPhone until I could get home and log into Twitch.  That got me caught up with the latest on the patch and with the aftermath of the B-R fight Monday.  Today I'll find out what really happened (maybe), as Goonswarm fleet commander Lazarus Telraven and Pandemic Legion's Manfred Sideous were intereviewed yesterday by the Crossing Zebras podcast.  The podcast is available now, which impresses me.  I guess that's why they are the CCP-certified #1 podcast in EVE history.

So if I didn't log into EVE, what did I do?  After looking at the secondary ISK market (which is leaking sellers again) I switched from the EVE Radio Twitch stream to Funky Bacon's Twitch stream and watched him play The Secret World.  I know that watching someone play a video game isn't as fun as playing yourself, but the handful of us watching and helping Funky out when the going got tough was fun.  So much fun that afterward I updated my client and rolled a new character.  I stopped when I got inside Solomon Island because of the time, but with a new computer since I last played, the game looked great.  Now if the Templars didn't have the best looking clothing rewards for completing decks.  Oh well, I guess I can't have everything.

So that's a quick rundown on my day when CCP releases a new patch for EVE Online.  Probably not what non-EVE players expect.  But that's why we always set long skills before a patch.  While we didn't need it this time, something always seems to happen.  I realize that's the case with every MMORPG I've ever played, but maybe when CCP finally gets rid of all the legacy spaghetti code we can have nice things with less pain.  Both for us and for the poor programmers who have to work with that ...


  1. Just gonna throw this out here and see what you think. If you have a look here you can see yesterday's logged-on users vs today's. Yesterday everyone was claiming nullsec was unplayable due to the lack of working standings. They all came back today. This gives us a neat way to calculate the number of players playing in 0.0 vs everywhere else. 39,000 player peak on Tuesday without the nullsec contingent, and 45,000 today with them. I conclude, based on this limited data point, that 86.6% of the playerbase doesn't think missing standings are worth staying logged off for. The other 13.3% think it's too dangerous to log on without proper standings. Those 13.3% are the nulseccers. And if anything, that percentage is high.

    The last QEN several years ago gave 80% as the number of players who lived in non-nullsec space. Looks like that number has gone up.

  2. Local standing flags are a big thing for high sec wars too. Watchlists are likely to get bigger to compensate, even worse for the server ?

  3. Hah! Glad you enjoyed the stream.