Thursday, March 6, 2014

Buff Clocks

In the past, when I looked at how much I made in EVE Online, I wasn't trying to actually make money.  I was trying to judge the effects of changes made in the Odyssey.  But this month is different.  In March, I wanted to make 1 billion ISK in a month for the first time.

Seems like a really low bar to set for myself.  If I really want to make 1 billion ISK, I could just go to high sec and run level 4 missions.  I'm pretty sure I could make 33.5 million ISK a day running missions.  But I want to accomplish this in low sec.  Still, I can't make 33.5 million ISK a day?  Sell some faction ammo, make some nanite repair paste, run some relic and data sites, do a few distribution missions, done.  Piece of cake.

But as we all know, the cake is a lie.  Here's why.  I'm now at the point I think I can expand my product line, but I now have to do the research to find out what actually sells.  Now, don't get me wrong.  Research is a good thing and results in long-term profit.  But if I'm doing research, that means I'm not running those relic and data sites.  My business model currently requires running those sites in order to meet my financial goals.

But just because things are not looking that good now doesn't mean they won't improve.  I'll have more nanite repair paste on the market this weekend than I did last, and I managed to sell out last weekend.  That means the cash flow will look a lot better.  Also, I looked and my area has plenty of open slots to research my BPOs for time efficiency.  That would mean I don't have to have stockpiles of finished goods lying around.  I think the term I'm looking for is "just in time" manufacturing to keep my orders stocked. And finally I need to find some really good blueprints.  One of those Low-Grade Ascendency Omega blueprint copies dropped from a ghost site I ran last weekend.  That's a start.  I need to do some more research to find out which of the BPCs I'm finding are worth manufacturing from and which ones are garbage that I should just put in a container and forget about.

Now, I really shouldn't rush trying to make money.  I should just play the game the way I like, make small tweaks, and if the money rolls in, great.  And since I did make over 800 million one month in low sec just doing my normal activities, I'm pretty sure I don't need to change what I do drastically to meet my goal.  Of course, if someone would add an hour or two to the day, I'd meet my goal a lot faster.

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