Monday, March 3, 2014

The CSM And You: Candidate Information

I posted last week that I was not going to cover the Council of Stellar Management elections to be held sometime before Fanfest on 1-3 May.  But with the recent influx of new players and people who just like reading about EVE Online in general, I think I need to type up a few posts about the CSM. 

The CSM is one of those unique institutions in the MMORPG industry that just seems to come out of Iceland and then slowly spread across the industry.  While EVE probably isn't the first game with a player council giving advice to the developer, CCP tends to take ideas and push to them to the limit.  Or perhaps the players just run with the ideas and CCP sits back, passes out bags of chocolate licorice candy, and watches.  Either way the result is interesting.

Now, I don't want to get too involved in the actual politics of the election.  But I think people unfamiliar with the CSM process might find a guide to the candidates useful.  I think I can do that without ruffling too many feathers.  So if you look under the title of the blog, you'll see that I've added tabs, with one titled "Candidates Running For CSM 9".  Clicking on the tab will open up a web page with the following information:
  • A list of candidates in alphabetical order.
  • A hyper-link to the candidate's profile on EVE Who.
  • If the candidate is serving on CSM 8, that is noted.
  • The candidate's corporation and alliance.
  • A hyper-link to the candidate's announcement thread on the EVE Online forums.
  • Social media contact information (Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, etc.)
  • A candidate's blog/podcast/website/Twitch channel.
Not all candidate's have all of this information.  Also I basically only entered the information from the candidate's announcement thread unless I already knew the missing information about the candidate.  Mainly that consisted of missing Twitter accounts.  So if I am missing information, please contact me either through the email address on the blog or via Eve-mail to Rosewalker.

Also, I am going to try to update the list with all of the media appearances made by the candidates.  Those appearances will probably consist of podcast appearances, although I'm interested in posting written articles, preferably interviews, as well.  Last year Xander Phoena did yeoman's work interviewing almost all of the candidates for CSM 8.  This year with Xander running for a position himself I expect a few podcasts to jump into the breach and interview candidates.  I am not going to catch all of the appearances myself, so any podcaster or candidate who makes an appearance and wants to make sure I list it can just contact me (either via e-mail, Eve-mailing Rosewalker, or sending a tweet to @noizygamer) and I'll update the list.

For those unfamiliar with CSM elections, I think as the list grows the amount of work displayed by both the candidates and New Eden's player-run media will show how serious internet spaceship politics really is.


  1. I am glad you will cover this. I think a post about the voting process could be helpful too


    1. I have to wait until the official dev blog for that. I don't think the rules will be the same as last year. I still expect the single transferable vote to be used, but some other things may change.

  2. From what I have seen, there is the usual dearth of casual player candidates. I think there may be 1, maybe 2, that say they are advocates of that type of play, but have my doubts about them. Once again, the unified voice that CCP will hear is "high sec bad, must be reduced to a husk of what it is."

    The null sec cartels will grow in power, even more than they grew in power in the past 12 months, which was a massive amount.

    1. "there is the usual dearth of casual player candidates"

      Seems quite natural that casual players aren't willing (or having the time) to dedicate the effort needed to be a believable CSM candidate.

  3. Maybe something like this could be worth adding too.

    When ever I think of doing something for the EVE community someone beats me to the punch. Maybe 1/3 of the time it's you.