Friday, March 14, 2014

CSM 9 Election Information: 7-13 March 2014

I know I posted that I am not covering the CSM 9 elections.  But that really only pertains to the specifics of candidate positions or who said something really stupid.  The CSM elections are important and I think that I should at the least help point people to where they can find information.  I have a page set up already, but I think I should do a little more.  So until the election is over I am also going to give a weekly update of the candidate's words.  Most of the information will consist of podcasts and YouTube videos, but I also plan on pointing out blog posts as well. 

I will not point out posts from the forums, as I don't like the EVE Online forums in general and absolutely loathe the Council of Stellar Management section.  If I weren't writing these posts about the elections I would never look at them at all.

If I am missing anything, please let me know.  I should add I am only following candidates with a post in the CSM Campaigns section of the forums.  Also, I've listed all the interviews done so far, but will only post the ones posted during the previous week in the future.

Blog Entries

Cap Stable Interviews

Legacy of a Capsuleer Interviews

YouTube Videos

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  1. Anyone you know of, off hand, that talks alot about the shoddy beta-level code of corporate infrastructure? It's a social engine in eve that's been ignored and sidelined in favor of shiny things for the combat junkies for over a decade.