Friday, March 21, 2014

CSM 9 Election Information: 14-20 March 2014

With the start of the elections for CSM 9 probably less than a month away, the candidates are hard at work trying to get out their voters.  Three more entered the race this week.  Just because CCP Dolan has not posted the rules or timelines for the elections is no reason not to at least check out the campaign.

Starting this week and the rest of the campaign, I'll put the candidates' own content at the beginning of the rundown and then the podcasts at the end.  I have all of the content complied on the page in the tab underneath the title of the blog.

Disclaimer:  I will not point out posts from the forums, as I don't like the EVE Online forums in general and absolutely loathe the Council of Stellar Management section.  If I weren't writing these posts about the elections I would never look at them at all.

If I am missing anything, please let me know.  I should add I am only following candidates with a post in the CSM Campaigns section of the forums.

New Candidates

Blog Posts

Google Hangouts


Podcast Appearances

Cap Stable Interviews
Declarations of War

Legacy of a Capsuleer Interviews

Legacy of a Capsuleer #8


  1. thank you again for doing this :)

  2. coreblobbrother is missing

    1. His podcast appearance with Legacy of a Capsuleer was listed last week and also on the main web page I have set up. Or did he do another appearance that I missed?