Friday, March 28, 2014

CSM Election Information: 20-27 March 2014

The elections for the EVE Online's 9th Council of Stellar Management are one week closer, and now we have actual dates.  Last Friday, CCP Dolan published a dev blog about the elections that contained the following timeline:
21-31 March - Candidacy application period.
3 April - CCP posts the full list of candidates.
8-22 April - CSM 9 election.
3 May - Election results announced live at Fanfest 2014.
As is now the custom, what follows is a list of new candidates who have posted threads in the forums as well as any information put out by the candidates over the past week.  In addition, I've listed the interviews published by both the Cap Stable and Legacy of a Capsuleer podcasts.

If anyone feels I've missed something, please let me know so I can update the list.  Remember, the period of time this post covers is 20-27 March.

New Candidates

Candidate Withdrawals
Blog Posts


Podcast Appearances
Cap Stable Interviews

Legacy of a Capsuleer Interview


  1. Pretty pointless, you know.The null sec cartels will dominate the CSM, again, and they will continue to work with their dev lackeys to wipe out any form of income they can't control.

    1. So you're going to encourage people not to participate, thus handing over the CSM without a fight. The bigger the turnout, the less their power.

    2. Noizy, there is no one to vote for that will represent the high sec gamer. Mike Azariah is a sham. The RvB candidate is in bed with the goons. Not only do they protect their high sec PoCo's, but now they go after people in wormholes the goons want dead. The wormhole crowd will get their 2 CSM reps, and the low sec FW guys will get one, if one is running.

      So yeah, it is pointless. Watch what else damage this CSM has wrought in the coming days. High sec mfg lines are about to face a massive hammering, and that leaves incursions and missions, which will both be wrecked soon.

      When a group controls the game designers, the CSM is only a rubber stamp.

      How about you post your list of people you consider that will oppose the cartels' destruction of any space that is not null. I would like to see that list.

  2. The reason RvB went after Gevlon 's wormhole is twofold:

    1: he spent weeks antagonizing RvB.
    2: A miner he ganked kept a grudge and sent us the WH location ;)


    I think people should vote. There are candidates who aren't "nullsec cartels" people. Would you say Sugar Kyle is a secret agent of mittens himself? Of course not. If you are that worried, vote in consequence, or hell try to get elected!