Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Did I Do That?

Okay, so I'm an evil person. Sue me.

Yesterday I drove up to Madison and attended the meetup that The Mittani and Sion Kumitomo hold on the first Tuesday of every month at the Come Back Inn. The meetup isn't a full-blown Goon/Imperium event, just a nice little get together that filled up a large table. Don't ask about EVE names because everyone used real names. Oh, and I didn't catch the name of the chihuahua that was snuggled underneath the wormholers hoody. Sorry!

One of the themes running though the night is how to keep players interested and having fun in EVE. In that sense, The Mittani isn't too much different from the someone running a 30-man corporation. He just has to provide content for thousands of players. And he has a talented staff to run things and help bring the vision to life. Okay, so not exactly like the CEO of a 30-man corp.

Now, sometimes the members of your corp/guild/clan want to do things that leadership thinks is old, and that is what The Mittani was facing. Another Burn Jita? That's where my big mouth came in. I asked why not just do a Burn Amarr, since The Imperium planned on role playing in Providence with CVA anyway. Shortly after came this tweet.

Seriously, no one had thought of doing this? Probably some Minmatar role players, but who has the kind of resources needed to do a Burn Amarr? Stupid question. The guy at the table wearing the red shirt.

I'm not going to go into all the details I heard, because anything I heard was just spitballing, but the people at the table have some crazy imaginations. I'm sure that some of the crazier ideas will drop off the radar screen. Others may (and probably will) mutate into ways no one anticipates. I will say that I know some of the thinking now and I can't wait to see what happens.


  1. You should at least get renumerated for the successful idea.

  2. Love em, Hate em... you just gotta hand it to Goons, they DO create content.

    We had a bit of a discussion here today on this actually... You know how in ALL game players what to be the good guys, the heros, the cowboys... John Wayne... but NOBODY wants to be the badguys, the villains, the indians... or Emperor Palpatine... =\

    But Goons do. And... they do it rather well.

  3. You all live in Wisconsin? What the hell, I wish I knew that earlier! I would have drove down.

  4. I live outside Chicago, but I drove up for the night. Depending on how the job hunt goes, I might make it back up in June.

  5. Laughing at the idiots who let a slimy ex-lawyer dictate their game play.

  6. What profession do you recommend for corp and alliance CEOs?
    Is there a preferred occupation list that potential new recruits can check to see if their new CEO is pro enough at internet spaceships?

    "Office Administrator - Acceptable"
    "Lorry Driver - Unacceptable"
    "Engineer - Acceptable"
    "Lawyer - Unacceptable"
    "Oil rig worker - Unacceptable"
    "Café Owner - Acceptable if providing food"

  7. The Chihuahua's name was Gizmo and he is this wormholers dog :) Always a good time at the come back in!