Friday, May 1, 2015

The Scope: The Imperial Navy Reacts And More On The Entosis Link

CCP released the latest The Scope video today. As expected, the aftermath of the Drifter attack featured prominently. The report seems to indicate that the Drifters have only increased activity in Amarr space, although I don't know if that's true or just part of the story. In any event, the Imperial Navy has begun to mobilize to meet the threat. Of course, the Drifters may feel confident in confronting the Amarr based on past dealings with them. As Drifter battleship pilot Apollo Tyrannos tweeted on his unofficial, unverified account...

I'm sure that Amarr loyalists will argue that the navy has improved dramatically since the Battle of Vak'Atioth.

One of the reasons for watching these videos is to pick up clues for changes in the game not mentioned in the patch notes. The big one in this video is that using an entosis link on Jove Observatories can lead to getting valuable loot. One caution, however. I'm pretty sure doing so will draw the attention of the Circadian Seekers and Drifter battleships.

We also learned more about the back story of the entosis link. The Scope report is reporting that some believe the Carthum Conglomerate's decision to market the entosis link as the cause of the escalation of tensions with the Drifters. However, information gleamed by those using the entosis link have uncovered proof that the Jove observatories have operated for decades observing activity in New Eden. But were tensions bound to escalate once the cloaking devices on the Jove observatories began to fail?

I should add one interesting fact before concluding this section. The biggest stockholder in the Carthum Conglomerate is the Sarum family. That's right, the family of Empress Jamyl I. Are we seeing a bit of corruption in the Empire? Or is something a bit more ominous happening?

For those not keeping track, the Sarum family is the only one of the Amarrian royal families who still believes in The Reclaiming, the term used for the Amarr Empire's methodical conquest and enslavement of other races throughout New Eden. Surprisingly, upon her ascension to the throne, Empress Jamyl I did not renew the policy. I can't help but wonder if this is a sneaky way to bring The Reclaiming back to the fore of Amarrian religious and foreign policies.

The following stories appeared in the news scroll:
  • Northern Associates lose sovereignty in systems across Insmother, Feythabolis, Oasa, and Period Basis.
  • Lai Dai corporation denies rumors of involvement in raid on Propel Dynamics warehouse in Tamo.
  • Increased Drifter presence in Amarr territory places Federation Navy tripwire forces in standby in Solitude and Sinq Laison.
  • Sanmatar Shakor declines to comment on capsuleer request for further information on Lakat-Hro caravan, citing concerns for Republic security.
  • Villore Accords blockade fails to prevent trade and passage in Okkamon as Caldari Navy are sighted in continued final testing of Jackdaw prototype.
  • Capsuleers begin to collect snippets of data salvaged from Jove observatories with entosis link.
  • Capsuleers continue to press for removal of slaves from SCC market listing.
  • Empress Jamyl I atten...
Northern Associates is one of the biggest rental alliances in EVE. NA losing so many systems is another indication of the changes that the new sovereignty capture system will bring to New Eden on 2 June.

The mention of the Lai Dai corporation is interesting. The Lai Dai is a Caldari mega corporation that helped form the Carthum Conglomerate. Coincidence? Or is the leadership of the Lai Dai trying to save face by stating they don't need to cheat to outperform their Ishukone competition?

Is the Federation Navy going on alert just prudence since the CONCORD-owned constellation of Sanctum (of which Yulai is a part) adjoins the Gallene regions of Essence, Everyshore, Sinq Laison, and Verge Vendor? Or is this more foreshadowing that the Gallente are the Drifters' next target. If the Sisters of EVE are somehow involved, then the Gallente are probably a good guess.

The Sanmatar Shakor story is in reference to a post on the official EVE forums by Rhavas asking about one of the great Thukker caravans that was lost in the aftermath of the Seyllin Incident. Given that the wreck of the caravan's Hel is in Thera, I'm kind of interested myself.

Villore Accords is a player alliance that participates in factional warfare for the Gallente. I also understand they do a little role playing, so the desire to prevent the Caldari from finishing the new Jackdaw tech 3 destroyer makes perfect sense. Especially since the Gallente don't have one yet.

Another reminder in the scroll that the Jove observatories are dropping loot. Is this a hint that the loot is valuable and important to how CCP wants to develop the game?

More from the forums, as a petition is formed asking for the removal of slaves from New Eden's markets.

Finally, the news scroll ended with "Empress Jamyl I atten". Really? The empress finally makes a public appearance and the story gets cut off. What a tease!


  1. The individual in CCP who thought up the weekly(?) Scope ticker deserves a bonus. The simple, quick shout-outs mixing CCP and player generated stories brings our Eve universe to life in extraordinary ways. Who would have thought so many "Declines to comment" would tickle so?

  2. Just my 0.2 ISK... Yes, there is a call on the forums for the removal of slave see orders on the market... but details, my good man... it's all in the details...

    (1) "...there should be no sell orders from any of the Imperial agencies, like the Civic Court, of slaves on the capsuleer market."

    The call is not to stop SLAVERY... it is to stop anyone other than Amarr Holders from selling or owning slaves and, it only calls for "Imperial Agencies" to cease and desist...

    (2) "Ownership of slaves by commoners and foreigners is a crime against God, as stated in Scriptural laws governing the divine rights of Holders which grant them sole ownership."

    "The liberal business practices of the Civic Court and Ammatar Consulate are in defiance of God and exploit the SCC's loopholes to line their own pockets by selling slaves to those who have no divine right to ownership. As has the Kingdom been doing since its inception."

    This... is simply not good enough.