Friday, June 12, 2015

CCP's War On Illicit RMT: I WANT ISK

"I can also mention that the issue didn’t lie in our code but rather in a few individuals no longer working with 'I Want ISK'."
- Statement from I WANT ISK, 11 June 2015

Yesterday, CCP removed the block on for players attempting to access the website using EVE Online's in-game browser. The gambling website also, for the first time, acknowledged that CCP instituted the block due to an investigation into illicit real money trading activities that resulted in CCP banning at least three I WANT ISK bankers.

I WANT ISK published the following statement on its blog:

Hello all and thanks tremendously for your positive support of! has been un-blacklisted from the in-game browser!
Now, while I can’t communicate what caused the issue, I can say that progress will continue on games and features!
I can also mention that the issue didn’t lie in our code but rather in a few individuals no longer working with “I Want ISK”.
Results for this may be posted in the future.
I wanted to thank you all for voicing your opinions!
Lets also thank CCP for looking into this as soon as they could!
We are also going to give out some nice promo codes right now and set up a plan / calendar of upcoming events so everyone has a better chance at participating in out giveaways.
Look out for a promo in the forum page linked above also!
The Grid will now continue with work right after I make a few changes so that I can hire more bankers. 
This requires reprogramming how many transactions the API processes at once in order to allow us to have more bankers than ever.

Expect an application to go out if you want to be a banker! There will be NO MINIMUM ISK required. We will sponsor the bankers that we hire.

The next feature you will notice on is the junk box and the gumball machines. It will take some time to make the grapgics for the junk box but all of it will ultimately be implemented into the grid, raffles and slot machines!

Expect more changes to come in now that I have an office set up AND the morale I needed =]

After the grid comes out and some new features are implemented, I will start work on IwantISK 2.0 to help facilitate the addition of new games like roulette and texas holdem.

Love you all and stay healthy!

Promo Codes:
5,000,000 LVL 5+ 5masd8hadlkj
15,000,000 LVL 15+ 15ma7t98h6vj
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Good luck to all!
And the much missed link at the end
I Want ISK Corp

Despite rumors of two bankers receiving bans for illicit RMT preceding the ban, the management of the gambling website insisted for weeks that the problem lay with CCP. In its initial response to the blacklisting on 17 May, I WANT ISK published the following:
"Recently the CCP system has blacklisted from the in-game browser and we are unsure exactly what is going on and communications with GMs is ongoing, however, the CCP security team is unavailable until Monday the 18th. It seems a new flag system may have mistakenly blacklisted the domain."

On 22 May, with the rumors of banned bankers and an investigation into illicit RMT activity centered on I WANT ISK swirling, the management of the website took to the EVE Online forums:
"Why is our website currently blocked in game? We have no definitive answer of yet, we are in constant contact with GM's and EVE Officials, currently we believe it's a java script or code change issue that cause it to be flagged.

"Does RMT isk? In short, No, straight from the CEO, he does not condone any rmt'ing and if you are found to RMT you are banned from working for our site permanently. We all work to make isk to enjoy in game, as we are gamers before bankers."
Apparently, not all bankers worked at I WANT ISK to make ISK to enjoy in the game. Some did so to line their real world wallets. But even into the first week of June, the management continued to push the story that the problem resided with CCP. On 6 June, Eep Eep took to the CSM Assembly Hall section of the EVE Online forums:
"Please voice your opinions and do what you can to help. =]


" the URL has been blacklisted from the in-game browser with no apparent reason or reply from CCP.

"I am 99% sure that I have stayed within the E.U.L.A. (as vague as it is) and have received no reply in about a month since the blacklist. No replies from GMs and no replies from CCP Security team.

"This leaves me very confused and un-motivated to continue coding for

"I know me and CCP can work together to fix any bug that may have triggered a blacklist but no replies or information on anything.

"Not only do we have a third party app that generates a lot of activity, we give away our profits in so many forms. Different streams (over 600b/month), promo codes (each 20m promo code is 40b ISK that goes out), real life events, and the stellar pool also comes from our pockets.

"We provide a lot of activity in and out of EVE in relation to EVE.

"Why am I being ignored and blacklisted? This is a serious damaging issue that you, CCP, have taken a long time to reply to.

"Please come at me and let me know what is going on cause I know for sure I have not abused anything on your E.U.L.A.

"I love the game EVE even though i have not played it in years. EVE is definitely my favorite game of all time. I am not here to damage the universe you have created. If some bug arises on my site, please communicate so I can work to fix the issue.

- Eep Eep / I Want ISK / Gonz"

Eep Eep's statement raises a myriad of questions and lines of investigation, but the obvious one is: which responses were lies, the initial ones claiming constant contact with CCP or the latest one where CCP responded to no inquiries at all?

Approximately 48 hours after Eep Eep posted his statement, Twitch streamer 1ronbank revealed that three, not two, I WANT ISK bankers received bans for conducting illicit RMT activity. On a stream on 8 June, 1ronbank answered a chat question asking about the rumor that CCP banned two bankers for illicit RMT. 1ronbank then confirmed that three bankers received bans, although one of the bankers did so for activity not associated with I WANT ISK. But according to I WANT ISK's statement yesterday, that assertion is untrue.

Is the management of I WANT ISK more naive than is healthy for the operator of a major EVE Online gambling site? Or is the management so cynical that it believed it could use CCP's policies as protection against CCP contradicting any statement the gaming website chose to put out?

At this point in time, I vote for naivete bordering on criminal (or at least EULA-violating) negligence. Apparently Eep Eep believes that as long as he personally follows the rules the misdeeds of members of his organization should not impact his work. From the outside looking in, I WANT ISK's attitude reminds me of the WoW botters I recently wrote about who believe that Blizzard acts unfairly in banning their main accounts when they only botted on alt accounts.

Perhaps the issue is that Eep Eep, as he admits, has not played EVE in years. Maybe when he played CCP did not wage as active a war against ISK sellers as they do today. If so, then hopefully blacklisting made Eep Eep realize that CCP now takes ISK selling seriously. Did the I WANT ISK staff take the time during which they blamed CCP for technical incompetence and develop new methods for ensuring that the website does not become a focus of ISK-selling activity again? If not, and I WANT ISK harbors another group of ISK sellers in the future, CCP needs to burn I WANT ISK to the ground. In-game, of course.


  1. Yeah, can't hide behind "it was just some random bankers" more than once. The next time even the slightest instance of RMT occurs related to anyone working with the site, burn it down like Arthur Anderson. One parter takes down the whole ship. Not even sure why they need all these random bankers anyway. They are just a week link security issue for the operation.

  2. It's silly to think that it was "just" a couple of bankers. All the gambling sites should be shut down.

  3. Blink basically got the boot for less, next time these guys screw up it should be curtains for them.

  4. Yeah I view blink as the standard by which all the sites should be judged. Which is basically the hammer when any form of RMT infects the site

  5. I don't get why there was so much butthurt from IWantIsk over one browser being blocked, sure it hurt their credibility but I think all the dodgy shit they do to advertise their site hurt their credibility more, not to mention the victim mentality they showed by complaining about CCP blocking them.

    The IGB is awful, the only benefit it serves is to link to some features in game though there's this can be gotten around by adequate coding anyway. The line of no features will be added until they're unblocked was a temper tantrum pure and simple as it served no other purpose.

  6. So I have to ask, If the guy running the site has not played Eve in years, are we to believe that he is maintaining this site and organization solely out of some past loyalty to the Eve community??????

    Why on earth would someone run such a site, if they did not play Eve, if it was not for real-life cash?

    Perhaps he should contact the guy from wisconsin and compare notes, since both run organizations that have huge ISK flow, but apparently don't play the game.

  7. Great article ;)
    I am the creator of and just wanted to let you know a lot of this article is really down to speculation. I am not saying that no one in our history has been banned for choosing to do what they want with their ISK but we are not only are we not associated with them, no one said this current situation was in relation to that. We had some communication at first with GMs but they didn't know what was up so we eventually mentioned it wasn't communication at all.

    I do run the site as it generates loads of traffic for me.
    Cheers and good luck to everyone!

    I don't play EVE but do plan on again soon =]
    Just saving a few trillion.

  8. We do employ methods to deter any RMT attempts by players or bankers on We hire bankers in the form of third party employees that use their own ISK to process transactions. I wish I knew mind control because not all bankers stay within the rules and those get the boot.

  9. Well to be fair the IGB is the only way to make an account, so for them that was a big deal.

  10. The guy from Wisconsin? Are you talking about The Mittani? You have to remember that his news site covers more than just Eve. He makes his money with advertising, not ISK. I don't see much of a comparison in the two sites. Mittani may not play the game on a regular basis but he is a huge part of the nullsec metagame politics still.

  11. Once a Sketch always a Sketch. Play the game, or don't. These guys are all dbags. If it were my company I woulda banned the lot of them.

  12. So your employees get paid to deploy their ISK and are kept at arms length to ensure any governance is ineffective? "Accidents" seem to be designed into thst business model.

  13. Yes to how it's done, no to the reason as to why it's done, and no to your idea of the business model we have set up.

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