Thursday, June 11, 2015

Slow Times

I knew events in EVE Online are on hold, but I didn't know the extent of the problem until I heard Big Country discussing my Wildfire post in the first hour of his Tuesday night talk show on EVE Radio. I think he took my scouting of the epic arc as an attempt to avoid loss and that I should just run the missions blind. I did that back in 2012, before the warp speed changes in Rubicon in November 2013. Sorry, but if I decide to fly a battleship with a top warp speed of 2 AU/sec, I want to minimize the number of jumps I have to make. If I can fly an interceptor instead of a battleship for 10-12 jumps, so much the better. Besides, I decided to make a spreadsheet and I need the practice using the VLOOKUP function.

But I really don't feel like writing too much right now. Partly because I'm still fiddling around with what I want to do next in EVE. Do I finally get a Stratios and start living Jonny Pew videos and run Ghost Sites and Standard Sleeper Cache in low sec? Do I just jump into a wormhole and start exploring a chain? Or should I start a salvaging business in low and null sec, cleaning up New Eden? I understand we need to find homeless drones before they go rogue.

Also, over the past month or so I found myself playing a lot of Star Wars: The Old Republic. A nice game I can spend some time in and just shut my brain down and grind. But SWTOR as the subject of blog posts? Not really.

Finally, I didn't want to delve into some of the drama surrounding EVE lately. Let me correct that. I didn't want to delve into some of the drama surrounding EVE without more evidence. For example, I had not heard from a credible source confirming that CCP banned two IWANTISK bankers for illicit RMT activity. That ended on Monday, when 1ronbank confirmed the bannings. The pieces are falling into place, but not enough yet to write a blog post.

Perhaps once the energy returns to EVE with the introduction of FozzieSov I'll get some energy myself. Or maybe I should find a new source for story ideas. But for now, I'm just floating along as we begin the summer season.


  1. "...perhaps once the energy returns to EVE with the introduction of FozzieSov... "

    Yes, certainly the 15% of guys who bother with nullsec will have a lot of energy. But things aren't looking better than usual for everybloody else, are them?

  2. "Perhaps once the energy returns to EVE with the introduction of FozzieSov..."

    Yes, I find this statement to be amusing, as well, but for another reason.

    I fully expect that null will actually be mostly quiet, for months after FozzieSov goes live, while the null sec coalitions try to figure it out and uncover the exploits.

    And, over the longer term, since FozzieSov discourages aggressive empire expansion (since you have to actively hold what you take), there isn't going to be much incentive to go and try to take someone's territory, when you've already got enough to actively hold. The Imperium has already abandoned space that it knows it will no longer be able to effectively hold.

    It might be different if the EVE Online active player base was growing, but it isn't. The PCU continues to fall - we're down to 2008 numbers now.

  3. How dare you play Eve how you want to. Just, ugh. So disappointed.