Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Steeling Myself For Wildfire

I describe myself as a carebear. A risk-averse carebear who avoids high sec because, let's face facts, high sec is very dangerous. Over the past few years I've run hundreds of courier and mining missions in low sec as well as running data and relic sites. But my current exploration goal requires me to brave CONCORD-patrolled space once again. I want to acquire RSS Core Scanner Probes.

The faction scan probes are rewards for running the Minmatar level 4 epic arc Wildfire. With two characters with the standings requirements to run the series of missions and the skills to fly ships to complete them, I can get 20 RSS Core Scanner Probes every three months. Oh, and the ISK payout for running the missions isn't too bad either.

I face one major problem. I don't really like running security missions. CCP solved the problem of shooting at crosses in the recent Carnyx release, but I still don't like shooting at things. Recently I took up running level 3 missions in an Arbitrator to practice armor tanking, but I'm still not a big fan.

Also, the prospect of flying around battleships and command ships doesn't fill me with happy thoughts either. The epic arc requires a lot of travel. I know, CCP recently increased the warp speed of command ships to that of mining barges, so I could buy a Sleipnir and dual box with my Claymore. Or I could just accept the slow flight times, get crazy, and finally fly my Typhoon. I think I bought the ship three years ago and never did manage to fire any missiles in that time.

My best strategy is to carefully read the mission descriptions and preposition fast frigates in the systems with courier missions. Do I really want to travel 12 jumps in a Claymore when I can make the trip in a Stiletto instead? Perhaps if I set up the infrastructure for running the epic arc I will actually do so on a regular basis.

When I started writing this post, I dreaded the thought of spending a few hours running missions in high sec in order to get my prize. But as I considered all the details in my quest to acquire more faction probes, I realized I could turn running Wildfire into more than shooting a bunch of NPCs. Perhaps the experience will turn out interesting enough to blog about. Blogging about doing a PvE mission arc? That's crazy talk!


  1. I guess we will find out how long it takes. I am also very curious what griefers you will encounter, as there are clear choke points for those epic arcs.

    I did the Gallente one a couple years ago, and not only was it tough (solo'ed in an Ishtar, no boosts, before drones were ruined), it took forever.

  2. the faction epics are probably different, but griefers looking for targets doing the SOE epic (I do it sometimes to help "fix" standings) can be tons of fun if you are doing it as an experienced player. They are trying to grief noobs, and aren't prepared to handle a 40mil+ sp toon in a frig destroying fit gila.

  3. I used http://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Minmatar_Epic_Arc_-_Wildfire , https://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Wildfire and made my own google sheet. although it needs some improvement since I only started logging after I had started and haven't done the arcs a second time since I made this.

    Just returned yesterday after a few months offline. Yearly summer slump came early this year. But with 1k hours logged on civilization V + beyond earth I am about done there.