Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Are PLEX Prices Rising?

Just a quick little post about the price of PLEX. No, not the skyrocketing price of PLEX on the market. No, I'm referring to the real money price that CCP is charging. I saw that 2,906 PLEX were sold in Jita on Tuesday, which is a lot for a Tuesday. So I visited the account management page and saw CCP promoting a "Crimson Harvest PLEX Sale". When I clicked on the graphic, I saw the following:

Seen On CCP's Website, 20 October 2015

I try to keep up with the price of PLEX. The CCP website indicates that the regular price of two PLEX is $39.90? That is not what the price was previously. I think during the last two sales, the price crossed off was $35.72.  Below is what authorized PLEX resellers like Eve Radio are charging.

Seen on Eve Radio's Website, 20 October 2015
When the Crimson Harvest sale is over, CCP looks like it will sell a pair of PLEX for almost $5 more than the resellers. Unless, of course, CCP makes the resellers raise their prices.

So what's going on? Is CCP trying to drum up business for the PLEX resellers? Or is something more metallic, perhaps tinfoil-looking, going on? With the dev blog on skill point selling fresh in everyone's minds, EVE Vegas could get interesting.

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