Friday, October 2, 2015

Time For Term Limits?

The election season for CSM 11 has unofficially begun, with 9 players already posting campaign threads in the CSM Campaigns section of the EVE Online forums. The excitement of the U.S. presidential campaign apparently has spread to the EVE Online player base. Quite frankly, I blame Donald Trump.

I watched The Open Comms Show on the TMC Twitch channel last night. The guests were two current CSM members serving their second terms, Sion Kumitomo and Sugar Kyle. Sugar stated yet again that she has no interest in running for a third term. Sion is undecided and will probably let The Mittani guide his decision on a third term. Hopefully, Sion won't run.

I don't say that because I dislike Sion. I have just reached the point where I don't think anyone should serve on the CSM for three consecutive terms. Players like Sion, Sugar, corbexx, Mike Azariah, and Steve Ronuken contributed to EVE before they were elected to the CSM. If they stick around after serving two terms, I believe they will continue to make New Eden a better place just through their normal activities.

What I fear most is burnout. Some members burn out (or become disgusted with the game) after serving only one term. The CSM sometimes becomes the capstone of a player's EVE career and they leave the game soon after. Should the CSM serve as some sort of monster that saps the energy out of dedicated players? I don't think so. We already have Reddit to do that.

I know that CCP and the CSM are working on updating the CSM White Paper, but I'm not sure they should include term limits. But I will state that if anyone is running for a third term that I will automatically recommend players not vote for that person. Not because I think the person is bad, but because I'd like the person to stick around the game a few more years.

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