Sunday, October 18, 2015

Derek Smart Is Not My Sock Puppet

Sometimes having a Twitter account is rather amusing. Derek Smart decided to use a post of mine as proof that others beside himself are looking at the situation in Star Citizen.
Seriously? Outside of an EVE audience, pointing to me for validation is kind of weak. Okay, not kind of. The proper term is "WTF???".

So then I saw this tweet.

Now, that was a WTF moment. Me and space combat? If I'm famous for anything related to space combat, it's mining in low sec, and I don't really do that much anymore since joining Signal Cartel. And we all know what a vicious pack of killers Signal Cartel is.

So I just want to let everyone know, Derek Smart is not a sock puppet of mine. If I did have a sock puppet, I certainly wouldn't use it to make such outlandish statements.

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