Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Feeling Conflicted About Star Citizen

I usually don't write short posts like this, but I really have to ask a question. Do the antics of Derek Smart make you want to root for Star Citizen to succeed?

I have reasons to root for Star Citizen. I believe that a failure to launch a high quality game, or even not launch one at all, would hurt the video game industry. But I also believe that Chris Roberts is a very shady character who is engaged in some unethical behavior. I usually root for the local district attorney to throw those types of people in jail, although since he doesn't live in South Korea, he won't go to jail for his RMT activities that raised millions of dollars.

If I put my tinfoil hat on, I sometimes wonder if Chris Roberts and Derek Smart are working together. If Roberts is truly involved in some sort of long term scam, then having someone like Smart come along making a big stink about lawsuits could serve as cover to kill the project altogether. Hey, can't make a game if the lawyers took all the money, right? And if the money faucet is drying up, then its time to end the scam and move on.

Taking the hat off, I do believe that Smart's legal efforts have the possibility of killing Star Citizen. Which leads back to the question, who do I want to succeed, Roberts or Smart?

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