Monday, November 16, 2015

Even I Will Feel The Change

When I was at EVE Vegas last month, I was not that impressed with CCP Seagull's keynote address. I gave my reasons in a post from the site, but basically I didn't feel anything mentioned would really affect me. But this weekend I saw how change will creep into my game play over the next few months.

First, I started using the beta version of the new probe interface. I scanned down and recorded 10-12 exits from Thera over the weekend and the interface is now basically as easy to use as the current probing UI. The biggest change I noticed from the initial beta version was the full screen option allows windows to lay on top of the probing UI, which addressed my biggest concern. The other significant change I noticed was the ability to deselect objects that will show up on in the map. I use the mouse to reposition my probes and getting rid of certain objects really made that task easier.

I know that a lot of people are excited about binding keys to actions. CSM member Chance Ravinne even made a video lauding the key mapping. I tried using the keys, but given a choice between the mouse and the keyboard for doing a series of tasks, I usually choose the mouse. I honestly don't understand why he has so much trouble using the mouse to reposition the scan radius of his probes. I find a small mouse movement much faster than pressing so many keys. Then again, he probably thinks not using the keyboard whenever possible is insane. Different strokes for different folks.

I do have to add one comment about the d-scan cone that appears on the probing map. Yes, I wish the cone were a different color. But I use the cone for a different purpose than making directional scanning easier. When posting exits/entrances to Thera on, I have to find the incoming signature. Sometimes I can just look at the probing map and determine the signature I need. Other times, I need to launch probes and find my location. But either way, that d-scan cone nicely points at my ship, making it easier to locate. Don't laugh. I wear bifocals now, so anything that allows me not to have to wear them all the time is a positive in my book.

My time probing down exits ended Sunday when I jumped from Thera into Branch a few seconds before a Typhoon jumped into Thera and collapsed the hole behind me. No need to worry, even though I found myself deep within FCON territory. I just scanned down a couple of wormholes and 4 systems later I found myself in Aridia and only a few jumps away from my extensive network of bookmarked systems.

About those bookmarks. I learned from watching the Amarr Championships over the weekend that CCP is making grids much bigger. How much bigger? CCP Claymore stated the size currently on the Singularity test cluster increased from 250 km to 7,800 km. While making larger grids will, in my opinion, improve game play, I will no longer have any off-grid perches. While not a big deal for the cloaky ships I usually fly, moving my Procurers around will get a bit more dangerous until I make new bookmarks. Looks like the new citadels will affect me after all.

Normally when changes to the game occur, I just continue playing as normal and don't worry about the changes. With the upcoming expansion coming in a few months, however, I won't have to chase the new shinies. The new shinies will chase me.

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