Monday, September 26, 2016

Maybe I'll Start An Alpha Clone

I spent the weekend getting a lot done in EVE Online. On Saturday, I ran the Sisters of EVE level 1 epic arc in two long play sessions. In EVE, actions have consequences, and I needed to perform penance after the standings-wrecking grind I did to obtain a Nestor blueprint copy. The 16 million ISK in mission rewards is nice, but the 8.75% improvement in Rosewalker's Amarr standings is the real draw. I started the day with -4.97 modified standings (-8.71 unmodified) and wound up at -3.66 (-7.08 unmodified). The 50-mission arc took less than 5000 rounds fired from the autocannon mounted on my Vagabond.

When I finally got back to my high sec base, I found eight Purity of the Throne sites practically sitting off the undock. What better way to get the bad taste of getting the Amarr to like me more than to shoot up over 100 Amarr ships? Needless to say, I wound up running all eight sites. The best skin that dropped was for the Amarr supercarrier, the Aeon. The sites only took a few minutes each.

Yesterday I had one mission: mining. I travelled to a 0.7 system because I need isogen and stripped down an asteroid belt. Since I had never visited the system before, I sent Wandering Rose ahead to scout out the belts and create bookmarks in a Jaguar. The Jaguar fit I use is a nice little PvE setup that relies on signature tanking. The ship didn't have the DPS to break the tanks of the Angel Cartel battleships in the Shadow of the Serpent event, but handles everything else just fine. On the way back from the asteroid belts to swap over to a Skiff, I ran across a Purity site. The Minmatar assault frigate performed as expected and an Apostle SKIN dropped. A pretty nice way to start the day.

After mining, I ran a few more Purity sites in my Jaguar. I could have switched to the Vagabond, but bringing in a heavy assault cruiser felt like complete overkill. Yes, in EVE overkill is usually considered a good thing. But I wanted a little challenge.

Okay, running the Purity sites in a Jaguar wasn't a challenge. Just like running the Sisters of EVE arc in a Vagabond was not a challenge. The closest I came to a challenge running the Purity sites is when I used an Arbitrator. Even then, I don't know if the challenge was due to using a bad ship or just one totally opposite the type I usually fly. I think the content for the mini-event was tuned to characters with a lot less than 150 million skill points.

I had a strange thought at the end of Saturday night. What if I had a new character? Then the now easy content would provide a challenge again. Up until now, that was just a wish. Technically, I could make one, but I never wanted to make a new character enough to stop training on one of my existing characters. Also, buying skill points was out, as I don't want to grind ISK just to advance a character. If I want to play a game where I advance skills based on the amount of time I play, I'll start up Star Wars: The Old Republic or Guild Wars 2 again.

I think I might have started an alpha account anyway because of the blog. After this weekend, though, I kind of want to start a new character just to run some of the content I outgrew years ago. So now I have to think about exactly what I want from my alpha clone. And perhaps more importantly, I need to finish up mining the rest of the minerals to build my Nestor.

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