Friday, September 16, 2016

Purity Pokémon

Last night I did a little prep work for doing some mining this weekend. I made some tech 1 mining crystals as ingredients for the tech 2 crystals I also made. Then I flew into low sec, picked them up along with some EMP S & EMP M ammunition and flew back out to my high sec mining base.

I had a little time left and some event sites were up in the system again. So I put Wandering Rose in a Vagabond and let her start killing Amarr heretics. Flying a heavy assault cruiser was probably unfair, but I just wanted to kill NPCs as quickly as possible so I could get some sleep.

I stayed up a little later than planned and ran five sites. The SKINs that dropped were:

  • Crucifier (frigate)
  • Arbitrator (cruiser)
  • Harbinger (battlecruiser)
  • Apocalypse Navy Issue (battleship)
  • Revelation (dreadnought)

That's right, a capital SKIN dropped in high sec. I should add that although I fly an Arbitrator, I hate the way the Purity SKIN looks. Never mind any high-minded role play reasons, I don't find the SKIN aesthetically pleasing.

I don't know why I keep running the sites. I don't think the SKINs will make me that much money. I guess the collector in me just wants to catch them all.

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