Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Achievement Unlocked: Elder Scrolls Online Base Game

Over the weekend, I think I reached the point where I believe I can claim I have completed the basic, no DLC/expansion version of Elder Scrolls Online. I finished up the last of the faction storylines, the one for the Ebonheart Pact, to finish up the Caldwell's Gold quest. Combine that with finishing up the Mage Guild's quest line over the weekend, and I think I've completed the major story arcs of the base game. In addition, I think I hit the level cap back when ESO first launched. As of last night, I had 303 veterans points. I believe that after the conversion of veteran levels to veteran points, the highest effective level was 160 points, which is the maximum item level.

So what next? I've dabbled in the Clockwork City DLC pack and wasn't impressed. So for me, on to Morrowind! I can divide the MMORPGs I've played into 3 categories. The first is EVE Online, which doesn't have a built-in end point. The second consists of World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, and Star Wars: The Old Republic. I reached the level cap in all three games but didn't have any desire to complete expansions. Well, that's not exactly true for GW2 and SW:TOR. I bought the expansions, started playing, and then asked myself, "Why am I doing this to myself?" The third category up until now consists of Everquest 2. In EQ2, I went ahead and completed all the expansions up through The Shadow Odyssey, which at the time was the current expansion. When I finally left EQ2, I was max level (80) with max alternate achievement points and a character at maximum level in all crafting skills.

Currently, I am at level 47 in enchanting and level 24 in jewelcrafting. All other crafting professions are currently at the level cap of 50. I also might want to go a step beyond EQ2 and run all the dungeons on normal mode. The last time I checked, I had run 16 unique dungeons. I'm not sure about going for the veteran points cap of 810. That seems a long ways away, even with 3 expansions to play through.

I do plan on changing my ESO Plus subscription plan from 3-month to 1-month, though. I'm not really sure how much the expansions will engage me. Is ESO more like GW2 and SW:TOR, or will I find the expansions as enjoyable as EQ2's? Also, I hear the call of space again. I understand the Gallente need some help in empire space. Oh, and that running a Tristan through rental space in null is probably a good idea. But I'll at least stay active in ESO, and least for the next month or so.

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