Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Achievement Unlocked: Elder Scrolls Online - Morrowind

Spring is usually the time I lessen my activity in EVE Online. Covering the Council of Stellar Management elections and maintaining CSM Wire does that. But for the first time in over 9 years of playing EVE, I've taken an extended break from the game. Usually Fanfest reenergizes me every April, but this year CCP decided to cancel the Icelandic event in favor of one in Toronto in June. So while I still look into EVE's black market and update CSM Wire and follow the election plus all the other news, I haven't undocked in a couple of months.

Instead, I've played Elder Scrolls Online. On Sunday I managed to complete the main story of the Morrowind expansion. I also collected all the skyshards in the zone. Not only did I collect the skyshards, but I completed all delves (single-player dungeons) and the two public dungeons (rated for 4 players) as well. There are still some notable sites to visit, and I still need to run the Halls of Fabrication at least once, but effectively, I consider the expansion finished.

I've done enough in Morrowind, I think
I have a couple things to note about my experience running through the expansion. First, I really enjoyed the quest stories. The zone story about helping the god Vivec regain his power was enjoyable. I also liked the story of two slaves, Sun-in-Shadows and Eoki. One decides she wants to move up the power structure in House Telvanni, the people who owned the pair. The other just wants to leave and start a new life. I need to do some research to see if different decisions would affect the outcome, but I don't see how my character would have chosen differently.

A rival god helping Vivec
Second, I know that voice acting is expensive, but I really appreciate all the voice acting in Morrowind. Sometimes I'm in a hurry and just skip through quest text, but I appreciate how the scenes play out and needing to watch the interaction between the NPCs and listen to the dialog in important parts that don't display text. Yes, it is commonly done in other places like the group dungeons, but I still get a kick out of the experience.

Third, I noticed I was running around with a lot of under level 30 characters. My level 50 healing templar with 333 veteran points wasn't able to solo the Nchuleftingth public dungeon, but I was able to duo most of the content teaming up with a level 19 character (who I think was a warden). The fact that a much lower level character has that type of performance I think says a lot of positive things about Elder Scrolls Online.

I just noticed, I let my food run out
In general achievements, I managed to reach level 50 in enchanting, leaving only jewelry crafting as the only crafting profession I am not at max level at. I'm currently at level 28 and the completionist in me wants to unlock the Master Crafter achievement and buy the banner proclaiming myself a master crafter. I also spent 107,000 gold to buy the Witchmother's Potent Brew recipe. Although I understand a better food exists, most posts seem to feel that Witchmother's Potent Brew gives the best bang for the buck. And now I can make the stuff myself. That combined with a three stat food I can make that I use for open world leveling means I'm self-sustaining as long as I keep doing the crafting writs.

Reaching max level in enchanting

Early access for the Elsweyr expansion on PC began yesterday, with a new intro screen asking players if they wanted to buy the expansion. I plan to play the expansions in chronological order, which means the next one I play is Summerset. But I won't blaze through the next ESO expansions because EVE Online's Invasion expansion launches next Tuesday. I need to start flying around New Eden again. But if Summerset and Elsweyr are the same quality as Morrowind, I'll definitely play through them.

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