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The Nosy Gamer's Quick And Dirty Guide To CSM 14 Candidates

The election for EVE Online's 14th Council of Stellar Management will begin on Monday, 10 June and run for a week. A lot of people will tell players to make sure they fill out all 10 slots on their ballots, even though voters are only required to pick one. The reason given is to "maximize the power" of the ballot. Below is a video explaining how a single transferable vote system works.

But picking 10 candidates, especially for those not in large null sec blocs, can take up a lot of valuable time players would rather spend playing EVE. In an effort to make the decision making a little faster, I put together a guide with brief descriptions of each candidate, with most of the information coming from a candidate's campaign post on the EVE Online forums and self-descriptions on the official candidates page.

This guide is divided into the security bands (high, low, null, and w-space), with the order determined by the number of candidates coming from each area of space. I tried to display the candidates in alphabetical order as much as possible. In null sec, I divided the candidates into their coalitions, and then their alliances.

If a candidate looks interesting, clicking on the candidate's name will open up that candidate's page on CSM Wire, the Google site I set up to help people research candidates. Hopefully, this will help.

Null Sec

Dead Coalition

Sort Dragon: DARKNESS. (Australia) - An incumbent, Sort has served on CSM 8, 10, 12, and 13. He is the leader of Dead Coalition (formerly Guardians of the Galaxy).


Arrowspeeed Bounty: Fraternity. (United States) - Operates a logistics service for Fraternity. and its renters. Prior to joining Fraternity., created and ran a rental alliance.

The Imperium

Goonswarm Federation

Aryth: Goonswarm Federation (United States) - An incumbent, Aryth has served on CSM 11, 12, and 13. Prominent (if not leading) member of the GSF economic cabal.

Innominate: Goonswarm Federation (United States) - An incumbent, Innominate has served on CSM 11, 12, and 13. A leading member of KarmaFleet

Merkelchen: Goonwarm Federation (United States) - An incumbent, Merkelchen has served on CSM 13. He is currently the CEO of KarmaFleet and the Goonswarm Federation Chief of Staff.

The Judge: Goonswarm Federation (Australia) - An incumbent, The Judge has served on CSM 11, 12, and 13. Former diplomat for Circle-of-Two, perhaps best known for the theft of 1 trillion ISK from CO2 and handing over a keepstar to Goonswarm Federation.

Xenuria: Goonswarm Federation (United States) - A member of CSM 11, Xenuria was known for his work on the New Player Experience. Also, shoes.

Other Imperium members

Darien Avan: The Bastion (Greece) - The CEO of Redshift Concepts, a 71 member corp within The Bastion.

Zipp Adoudel: The Initiative. (United States) - Was a director and diplomat for an alliance in Tenerifis/Etherium Reach/Period basis before joining The Imperium in September 2018.

Legacy Coalition

Brave Collective

Dunk Dinkle: Brave Collective (United States) - A null sec industrialist, Dunk is known for his "Not The State Of The Alliance" videos as well as a desire to see the introduction of Tech 2 salvage drones.

Test Alliance Please Ignore

Aeryn-Sun: Test Alliance Please Ignore (Canada) - A line member in Dreddit who is frustrated with what she considers ill-thought out changes to the game.

Cacique Yuhasz: Test Alliance Please Ignore (Cuba) - A line member in Spartan Vanguard running for a second time. Last year wanted to concentrate on the new player experience.

Comak Firefist: Test Alliance Please Ignore (United States) - The acting CEO of Dreddit (DurrHurrDurr is still listed as the official CEO).

Vily: Test Alliance Please Ignore (Canada) - A bloc level fleet commander for over 10 years, was a member of GSF for 5 years before joining TEST. One of the founders of Legacy Coalition.


Northern Coalition.

BlazingBunny: Northern Coalition. (United States) - A line member who has knocked around New Eden. Has flown in null sec with -Mostly Harmless-, Goonswarm Federation, The OSS, Northern Coalition, Mercenary Coalition, and The Culture. In low sec, has flown with Did he say Jump, Sniggwaffe, and Snuffed Out.

Killah Bee: Northern Coalition. (Germany) - An incumbent who served on CSM 13. Perhaps most famous as one of the primary MoneyBadger leaders during The Casino War/World War Bee.

Matterall: Northern Coalition. (United States) -  Matterall is most famously known for the Talking in Stations Twitch stream and podcast. In game, he is best known for trade, including selling TEST the keepstar currently deployed in Perimeter.

Mr Deathwhisper: Northern Coalition (Denmark) - A line member in Burning Napalm, Mr Deathwhisper wants CCP to concentrate on usability issues, balancing, and reducing the number of clicks in features.

Pandemic Horde

Aegaeonos:  Pandemic Horde (United States) - A line member in Horde Vanguard., Aegaeonos began playing EVE in November 2015.

Arqui Nurbs: Pandemic Horde (Spain) - A line member in Horde Vanguard., Arqui Nurbs began playing EVE in September 2017.

Gobbins: Pandemic Horde (United States) - Gobbins is the executor of Pandemic Horde.


Carbon Alabel: Curatores Veritatis Alliance (Croatia) - Carbon Alabel is a third-party developer running for CSM for the second time.

Other null sec

Jurius Doctor: Iron Armada (Canada) - Jurius is a YouTuber who produces instructional videos for EVE. He also has written for INN and done work for Talking in Stations.

Lucrative Business Opportunity: Goats Unlimited (corp) (United Kingdom) - LBO did not give a lot of information about himself except he doesn't like large null blocs. He was placed in the other null sec category based on his most recent killboard activity.

Manic Velocity: Aliastra (corp) (United States) - Manic is a Twitch streamer perhaps most well-known for this comedy bits posted on YouTube. He also co-hosted the opening and closing ceremonies with CCP Guard at Fanfest 2017. While currently in an NPC corp, Manic's last alliance was Black Legion...

Nahtor Raschura: Hard Knocks Associates (Germany) - Nahtor is currently the head recruiter for The Chaos Army, a corporation within Hard Knocks Associates.

Olmeca Gold: Delve Pest Control Inc (Turkey) - Olmeca is someone who currently centers his gameplay around attacking ratters and miners in Delve. He also has a YouTube channel featuring his activities.

Stitch Kaneland: The Tuskers Co. (United States) - Stitch's posts indicate he currently lives in a wormhole, but due to both his and his alliance's history and current killboard, he is listed under the null sec candidates.


Anveri Vestigo: Odin's Call (United States) - Anveri is in Odin's Call, an alliance in a C2 wormhole with a C5 static. In the past, he's also served as a strategic level fleet commander in Phoenix Federation and ran the Triumvirate. alliance tournament team last year.

Blood Ruin: The Kronos Ritual (corp) (United States) - Blood Ruin is in The Kronos Ritual, a corporation that lives in a C2 with a C5 static.

Compayn: Mouth Trumpet Cavalry (Canada) - Compayn is a director and fleet commander in Mouth Trumpet Cavalry, an alliance that lives in a C5 with a C5 static. He has also been a member of Isogen 5, Doom Generation, and Hard Knocks.

Doris Andedarie: Chain Smoking (Singapore) - Doris ia a member of Chain Smoking, an alliance living in a C5. Doris describes herself as an industrialist as well as a PvPer.

ExookiZ: Scary Wormhole People (United States) - ExookiZ is CEO of The Dark Space Initiative, the executor corp of Scary Wormhole People. He lives in a C5 with a C5 static. ExookiZ is perhaps best known outside of w-space for his yearly "Game of Holes" presentation at Fanfest.

Fiedan: Einstein-Rosen Brigade (United States) - Fiedan is a member of Einstein-Rosen Brigade, a alliance living in a C4.

Teddy Gbyc: Chain Smoking (United Kingdom): Teddy is the EUTZ director of Chain Smoking, an alliance that lives in a C5. In addition to frequently acting as a fleet commander, Teddy formerly served as the EUTZ director of Shekel Squad.

High Sec

Insidious Sainthood: RvB BLUE Republic (United States) - An avid PvPer whose killboard shows a lot of time spent roaming low sec, Insidious is listed as a high sec candidate due to his membership in the forever war of Red vs Blue.

Liz Lizardbreath: The Seer Covenant (corp) (United States) - Liz is currently a high sec mission runner who also engages in industry and exploration. She does seem to want to get back into PvP by joining the open community fleets like Bombers Bar.

Lorelei Ierendi: Lorelei for C S M (corp) (Germany) - A self-described "high sec carebear", this is Lorelei's fifth attempt to be elected to the CSM. In 2015, he was the last candidate eliminated. Last year, he survived until round 33 (out of 36 rounds).

Mike Azariah: The Scope (corp) (Canada) - Mike is attempting to make a political comeback, having served on CSM 8, 9, and 10. He is most famous for his Magic School Bus initiative which travels to the rookie systems giving away ships and other things to help new players.

Steve Ronuken: Vote Steve Ronuken for CSM (United Kingdom) - An incumbent, Steve has served on CSM 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13. He is best known for his work with the third-party development community and his website, Fuzzworks.

Zap InSpace: HC - Rise of the Fenix (corp) (United States) - Zap is a member in the Hoggs Collective, which is not an in-game alliance. Instead, members jump from corp-to-corp. He describes himself as someone who engages in high sec mission running and PvP, although his killboard shows a lot of activity across all security bands.

Low Sec

Matthew Dust: MATARSOC (Japan) - Matthew is a member of MATARSOC, a corporation that flies in factional warfare. Matthew also runs the Faction Warfare Committee Discord server.


Styxx: D.A.R.K. (United States) - The character Styxx was created in 2003.

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