Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Grumpy About Triglavian Skills

I looked at the skill queue on my main character and liked what I saw.

Six more skills and I'd have Mastery V in all sub-cap ships in EVE Online. January 2020 was going to be a good month. But then I remembered, CCP added those damn Triglavians.

I totally neglected the new Triglavian skills. I can sit in a frigate, but can't run a disintegrator. The only skills I have I picked up running Abyssal sites, and quite frankly, I got a little tired of that. I'll have to pick some up when I get back from EVE North and get the PI colonies up and running again.

When CCP introduces new things to EVE, I'm usually pretty late to jumping on the bandwagon. I have no desire to fly Triglavian ships, at least for now. Maybe I'll find a reason in a year or two. Mostly, the whole collecting skills at this point is for completionist reasons, as the only ships I fly are either Minmatar, Sisters of EVE, or ORE. Well, and occasionally the Arbitrator.

I guess I should welcome the requirement to learn the skills of our new tripartite overlords. I can delay the time I have to make the decision to either stop training on my main or start learning capital ship skills a few months longer. Because as much as I don't fly Gallente ships, I'll fly capitals even less.

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