Monday, June 24, 2019

News From EVE North

Before I leave Toronto, I thought I would mention some of the news generated from EVE North. I probably will miss some things, or not get some of the details exactly correct, as I am working off my notes and not the VOD of the streams.

First, the CSM 14 election results. I'll break this down further in another post, but 5 out of 7 incumbents won:
  • Aryth
  • Merkelchen
  • Innominate
  • Killah Bee
  • Steve Ronuken
Steve retained his seat by defeating fellow incumbent Sort Dragon by 11 votes. The new members are:
  • Dunk Dinkle
  • ExookiZ
  • Gobbins
  • Olmeca Gold
  • Vily
Wormholers got their representative, null sec didn't sweep, and the Imperium ballot is back to only securing 3 seats. Last year's 4 seats was a fluke due to the disqualification of Creecher Virpio after the voting had begun.

On the subject of the new Triglavian invasion content, players are racking up the kills, with an impressive 59:1 kill ratio. I'm not sure exactly who that is impressive for, the players or the new AI behind the Triglavian NPCs. By the time I post this article, the number of NPCs killed will have reached 1 million. Player losses, on the other hand, exceeded 1.4 trillion ISK. To but that in perspective, the amount is the equivalent of 700 months of game time.

CCP also provided an update on the war declaration changes. As of 19 June, New Eden had 480 wars declared:
  • 96 mutual wars
  • 112 wars with no HQ (existed before the war dec change)
  • 272 wars with HQ declared
The wars without an HQ will sunset on 13 August, but the new mechanics should allow for the renewal of the wars seamlessly. The 272 wars were begun using 70 unique HQ structures, with one Astrahus serving as the HQ for 44 wars. That structure, interesting, was not the P I R A T in Piak destroyed on 21 June. CCP also revealed that 49 wars had ended due to the loss or removal of the attackers' HQ structure, a figure expected to increase sharply with the destruction of the Astrahus in Piak.

Last, but not least, comes news on CCP's War On Bots and Illicit RMT. CCP Falcom provided the following ban statistics for 2018:
  • 9502 accounts banned for hacking
  • 20643 accounts banned for botting
  • 14678 accounts banned for RMT related activity
In addition, CCP Burger noted during the keynote address that over 9.2 trillion ISK was confiscated in 2018.

CCP also announced alpha account changes to help combat botting. The cap on Heavy Drone Operation drops from IV to III, Medium Drone Operation from V to IV, and Drone Interfacing from IV down to III. The EVE University Wiki indicates alpha accounts will face the following effects:
  • No longer able to use Tech 2 and Augmented medium drones
  • Heavy drone damage drops by 5%
  • Medium drone damage drops by 5%
  • 10% drop in all drone damage
In addition, CCP announced plans for a revamp of the venerable Vexor Navy Issue. The VNI is used for AFK ratting, with the drone mechanics making the ship the obvious choice for null sec ratting. Also, of botters. From CCP Fozzie's presentation, I get the impression the ship itself won't receive an overall nerf. Instead, the ratio of drone to gun DPS will shift more in favor of guns. The current ship bonuses granted for each level of Gallente Cruiser are 5% to Drone tracking speed and 10% to Drone hitpoints, damage and mining yield. The new bonuses will grant the ship a very high gun tracking bonus and a bonus to active armor repair. Did I mention botters prefer shield tanking? Apparently CCP noticed as well.

The above is not a comprehensive review of the news released at EVE North. Here are a few other bullet points of news I heard in Toronto:
  • The 64-bit client beta ends within the next week and 32-bit client support ends by the end of 2019.
  • DirectX 12 development to begin, which allows for depreciation of DirectX 9.
  • The phase-out of POS in the next few months.
  • A new tether state called "mooring" may be introduced.
  • Plans to improve the UI & user experience to aid retention (and help existing players).
  • We overloaded the scientists infrastructure with our Project Discovery activity.
  • The next Aether Wars test to occur at GamesCon.
I now have to pack up and head to the airport. I enjoyed my stay here in Canada, but I'll be honest. I'm looking forward to returning to Reykjavik in 2020.

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