Thursday, June 13, 2019

Catching Up On The EVE Story

I'm a little behind the times on the lore of EVE Online. Not the player created history. The story of the empires that sets the background for New Eden. So I thought looking at the latest news article posted on 7 June and comment on the goings-on of our NPC overlords.

New Triglavian Strategy Emerges As Collective Establishes "Minor Conduits"

Yulai, Genesis – A new phase in the Triglavian invasion has developed in the last few days, with it becoming clear that the appearance of sites of space-time distortion across invasion zones is an effort to establish persistent "conduits" from Abyssal Deadspace into New Eden's known space. Triglavian messages heralding the appearance of the conduits were received by a number of capsuleers. CONCORD has designated the sites as "Minor Conduit" locations but the Triglavian Collective are maintaining significant forces at these sites, while continuing to roam across the systems within the invasion zones.
The implementation of Triglavian invasions continues apace. I really like how CCP is conducting the rollout. First, the events are building up gradually, giving the implantation of the conduct a live event feel, although without the live actors present. Second, CCP isn't just handing all the information out to players. Don't get me wrong, I like knowing what's about to hit us on Tranquility. But MMORPGs probably need to retain some sense of mystery. Finally, the phased rollout allows CCP to test each portion of the new content before deploying the next portion. I like hiding technical requirements like that.
Sansha's Nation Launch Incursion in Fabas Constellation; Widespread Landings in Nasreri System

Nasreri, Genesis – New Sansha's Nation incursion operations in the Fabas constellation have included major landings on the third and fourth planets of the Nasreri system. Reports indicate that major cities and colonies on those planets have been raided by True Slave forces and large numbers of people have been carried off in Sansha's Nation vessels. Civil defense has been overwhelmed in the face of what appears to be an opportunistic attack while CONCORD and Amarr forces redeploy in response to Triglavaian invasion fleet movements.
A reminder that just because CCP added Triglavian invasions that Sansha's Nation incursions are still present. What I really need to do is watch for times when invasions and incursions overlap. Sansha's Nation events stick to constellations while I've seen Triglavian invasions cross region boundaries. I want to see what happens if the two types of events overlap, especially since the Triglavians announced they don't care much for the slavers.

Blood Raider Attack on Matar Staged from FOBs in Evannater Constellation; Atgur Mining Operations Also Raided

Matar, Pator – The coast of Mikramurka on Matar has been struck by a vicious assault by the Blood Raider Covenant, with the seaport of Sundsele especially badly hit according to reports. The Blood Raider strike force is believed to have staged out of forward operating bases in the Evannater constellation. Mining installations in the Atgur system have also been struck by the Blood Raiders, with the cultist pirates apparently taking advantage of mobilization and redeployment movements of local Republic Fleet elements.

If Triglavians and the forces of Sansha Kuvakei aren't enough, the Blood Raiders decided to remind everyone they are still around with an attack on the Minmatar homeworld. Oh, and while they are at it, why not attack a system in a high sec island as well? I am bugged a little bit by this, because the Minmatar Republic is the home of the Angel Cartel. To add insult to injury, the Guardian Angels, a division of the Angel Cartel, provides security to the Serpentis Corporation. More Angel content please!
Upwell Consortium Announces Small Arms Contract with AEGIS

Yulai, Genesis – Upwell Consortium Chairman Yani Sar Arteu expressed delight today, as he shook hands with Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir, the head of CONCORD’s AEGIS division, at a gathering of defense contractors in Yulai. Shortly after their first time meeting in person the two signed an indefinite contract that marked Upwell Consortium as a supplier of armaments for the spacelane and installation security division.
If Project Nova were still in the news, I'd speculate that CCP's FPS in development was introducing new weapons. Instead, I wonder if this bit of news is intended as foreshadowing for some cool new weaponry coming to the game this fall.

In Other News

Royal Heir Arim Ardishapur Holding Audience for Local Dignitaries at Governor's Palace in Tanoo

Tanoo is a system in the Ammatar Mandate, which is overseen by the Ardishapur family. The system is also 4 jumps from the main trade hub of the Minmatar Republic, Rens. A good place for an incident, if CCP decides one is needed.

Military Governor Takes Command of Defense Operations in Patrie Constellation

To be honest, I don't know the significance of the constellation in Essence. Local flavoring to indicate tensions are up everywhere?

Mobilization of Kaalakiota's Home Guard and Lai Dai Protection Services in Minnen

Another constellation-wide mobilization, this time in the Caldari State region of Lonetrek.

Tribal Council Meeting to Consider Special Powers for Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor

Given the recent attack on the Minmatar homeworld in addition to the Triglavian invasion, granting additional power to the Minmatar leader is not entirely unexpected.

Accusations of Jovian Interference and Collaboration with Triglavians Directed at SOCT

Think some people aren't wondering why the powerful CONCORD are not dealing with the Triglavians?

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