Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Packing Up Elder Scrolls Online

With the CSM election underway. I'm just about ready to fly pixilated spaceships in virtual space once again. When covering an election, so much time is usually spent on doing research and updating websites that I spend very little time playing EVE. This year was a little different, as I spent most of my free time playing Elder Scrolls Online instead of EVE.

One of the goals I set for myself this year was to finish the base ESO game and reach 300 veteran points on a character. I actually managed to finish the Morrowind expansion and my healing templar has over 350 veteran points. I've maxed out all crafting professions except jewelcrafting. And I give myself a pass on jewelcrafting as the profession was not included in the original game. In short, I've reached the goals I set for myself when I took up ESO last May.

Perhaps I'm getting sentimental in my old age, but I don't want to just drop my character in the middle of nowhere. Instead, I'm going to mothball the character on the off-chance I want to play the game in the future. And since the game technically doesn't require an ESO Plus subscription, I can keep my crafting research queues filled learning those 9th traits I never got to. For EVE players, think alpha skill queues.

I have probably leaving my character in the best shape of any character I've ever played. She has a big mansion in Wayrest, the capital of the Daggerfall Covenant. In the mansion are 5 crates with 210 slots of inventory space. I still need to put in the crafting stations to do research so I can just log in and log out to update my research queues.

I also did some spring cleaning of my inventory. The ESO Plus subscription doubles inventory and bank space, so I made sure I was using less than half of each. I'm not sure how the mount inventory capacity works, so I may wind up with 115 inventory slots on my character instead of 85 once the subscription ends. If so, I could drop in from time to time to do things, as 115 slots is plenty, as long as I don't pick up a lot of crafting materials.

Oh, crafting materials. The biggest benefit to the ESO Plus subscription is the crafting bag. The only way I can see to replace the crafting bag is to create numerous mules, spend gold to increase their carry capacity, and then swap between them often. Since I only intend to keep my research queues filled, a totally unnecessary effort. But if I ever come back to play, and don't want to pay for ESO Plus, a viable strategy.

My subscription ends Thursday, so I need to purchase the crafting stations, write down some notes on where I left off, and then concentrate on EVE once more. I think I might even write a review of the game. After a rocky start, I came to like Tamriel. But not enough to make ESO my permanent home game.

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