Friday, May 26, 2023

CIG Has Intentionally Halted Pre-Orders Of Squadron 42

Last Wednesday, reports came in that Cloud Imperium Games had removed the pledge page for Squadron 42 from its cash shop. The only problem was determining if the action was accidental or intentional as trying to access the pledge page produced a 404 error. We know have an answer. CIG has closed pre-orders of Squadron 42.

I noticed yesterday that the Squadron 42 page had changed. Instead of a "Pledge Now" button, the page now displays a "Sign Up" button.

A new label for the button

By pressing the button, the prospective customer is directed down the page to sign up for a newsletter. Users are then greeted with a fairly easy question of who plays Captain MacLaren in Squadron 42. The answer is Gillian Anderson, most famous for playing Agent Scully in "The X-Files". 

Better than a CAPTCHA

Just a warning. Those who want the custom wallpaper should download it immediately. I tried to go back and get it and failed. I can't say if I successfully signed up for the newsletter because I did not get a confirmation email at the address I provided.

The changes on the website clear up one question, but pose another. I have seen comments from Star Citizen players who don't care anything about the single player game who are rather salty that the revenue from the sale of Star Citizen merchandise is used to develop Squadron 42. As far as I can tell, CIG is now selling nothing digital related to SQ42. Has the marketing department taken that into account with this recent move?

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