Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Capsuleer Day XX and Announcing EVE: Viridan

This morning I woke up to the launch of the next live event, Capsuleer Day XX. The yearly celebration of EVE Online's launch in 2003 is extended to four weeks to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the game. Not bad for a game that has been dying since July 2003

To celebrate, the developers created an event highlighting a conflict between the Guri Malakim, a mashup of the Guristas and Angel Cartel if the NPC ships are any indication, and the Society of Conscious Thought. As is customary at this point, players can choose to aid either the pirates or SoCT and run combat and exploration sites for limited time rewards. As an added bonus, the drop rate for PvP kills will increase from 50% to 75% for the duration of the event.

CCP summarized the available rewards for both playing and just logging into the game during the time period.

Align with the Guri Malakim pirate cooperative, or the SoCT, then take on hacking and combat sites across all security space. The sites can reward you with new boosters, Glamourex boosters, new Capsuleer Day XX SKINs on Guristas, Angel Cartel, and SoCT ships, as well as Genolution implants. In addition, PvP loot drops will increase from 50% to 75% for the duration of the event!

Making Capsuleer Day even more essential are the rewards you get by logging in daily, with Omega pilots able to claim over half a million Skill Points, thousands of EverMarks, and awesome boosters on top of the Alpha rewards, which include a new SoCT ship as well as existing ones, plus more special Capsuleer Day XX SKINs. If you upgrade to Omega after the event has begun, you can retroactively claim the previous Omega rewards.

The log in event has 20 days of rewards available during the 28 days the event runs. Omega players are able to acquire one of each SoCT ship, including the new Metamorphosis-class exploration frigate.

Now, for perhaps an even more exciting event. CCP announced the name of the upcoming expansion, EVE: Viridian. I'm not sure of the significance of naming the expansion after a color except the story arc of the expansion may center around the Galente and Caldari, as mixing the colors of the factions could produce the color viridian. Here is a description of the expansion from CCP's press release.

REYKJAVÍK, Iceland – May 2, 2023 – In honor of its landmark 20th anniversary on Saturday 6 May, CCP Games today revealed EVE Online: Viridian, the next content expansion for spacefaring MMO EVE Online. The first of two major expansions in 2023, Viridian will empower players with n ew tools, personalization options and social-driven content to manifest the glory of their corporation. The expansion launches free for all players in June 2023.

“With Viridian, players will be given more power to shape and color New Eden,” said Bergur Finnbogason, EVE Online's Creative Director. “Viridian builds upon last year’s pivotal Uprising expansion by giving corporation leaders more means and methods to help their group flourish. There is no better time than the present for reconnecting with your corporation members to plan your next venture – you never know what’s on the horizon.”

EVE Online: Viridian will empower player-run corporations in more ways than ever before. From strengthening and growing their numbers to new personalisation options and an expanded toolset, corporation leaders will be able to create meaningful content, manage and efficiently train new recruits, and lead their corporation to collective glory.

Currently we have no word on whether the Guri Malakim is a new pirate faction that will provide players with Caldari-Minmatar ships in Viridan. As the press release indicated, the announcement is just a tease and CCP will provide more details as the event draws closer.

I believe we have now entered the hype cycle for the next EVE Online expansion. But we do have an official Twitch stream running on Saturday from 1700-1900 UTC to celebrate the occasion of the game surviving 20 years of operation. Most games don't last 20 years in order to celebrate such an event. I'll definitely log in to help celebrate. I might even go to Jita.

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