Monday, May 29, 2023

My Island Sanctuary: Ranks 12-14

My professional life intruded into my gaming life this past weekend, but I still managed to play some of the new patch 6.4 content in Final Fantasy XIV. I only managed to complete one quest, but my island sanctuary is looking a lot better. I wasn't able to come close to reaching rank 16, the new island cap, but I am within a day of reaching rank 15. So what's happened on my little island since the new patch launched last Tuesday?

My caretaker, Felicitous Furball, gave me a quest. She sent me out to investigate loud noises coming from the mountain in the middle of the mountain. I found a mammet just itching to dig into the mountain to investigate, if only it had the proper tools. I don't remember if I was able to build the tool required at level 12 or 13, but the resulting cave was beautiful.

Entering the cavern

Not as entrancing as my first view of Amaurot, but pretty stunning as I did not expect something like that on a side piece of content. Or is it a side piece of content anymore?

At rank 13, upgrades to buildings become available. The Cozy Cabin and granaries are the first. Of course, I didn't even think about upgrading buildings until I reached rank 14. But I wish I had as renovating the buildings gives island sanctuary experience.

The view from the workshop across the plaza

Not only has my little cabin grown to two stories, but the paths on my island are now covered in a nice blue stone. I'm not a big fan of the blue in certain locations, but I do like the cabin.

The new sales area

The ground floor of the cabin is now totally set up for business, including table that deserve the ability to place food on. Although I can't decorate the interior myself, I approve of the developers' taste. Plus, I no longer have to sleep near the sales desk!

My bedroom

My bedroom is now on the second level. Compared to regular housing, the bedroom is nothing special. But in context, I'm off the ground floor, which means no more partitions. For those wondering, yes, the bed is functional.

A level 4 grainery

Speaking of functionality, I need to get to the business side of island sanctuaries. Not only does upgrading granaries to level 4 result in giving your buildings a slightly steampunk feel, but increases the output of rare materials from 4 to 5 per day. 

A level 4 workshop

Adding to the steampunk vibe is upgrading a workshop to level 4. I'm not sure how much the upgrade adds to output, but with a new island sanctuary achievement for gaining 33,000 sea cowries introduced, hopefully the amount is significant. Oh, and from looking at the workshop UI, we will receive an option to build a fourth workshop.

New seeds in 6.4

To fuel the workshops, the developers added four new types of seeds. None have finished growing, but they are accessible at level 14. Probably at level 13 as well, but I forgot to check.

Yes, I've been busy

The devs have added 7 common materials to find which are required for the granary and workshop  upgrades mentioned above. Each upgrade requires 10 units of 5 materials. I just have stuck in my head that I want to keep at least 100 of all materials on the island on-hand for when I schedule my work jobs on Wednesdays. That practice came in handy as I had all the materials when I started the upgrades.

In addition to the 7 common materials, island sanctuary has a new rare, Island Cave Shrimp. I'm not sure what recipes I will need them for, but I am working to get my stock up to usable levels.

New shop items introduced in 6.4

"Nosy!" I can hear someone shout, "What about the loot?" At rank 13, I was able to purchase the above items from the store for seafarer's cowries. They include 3 mounts, a minion, a fashion accessory, and barding for my chocobo.

The Island Tomato King mount

I have to admit I am not a big fan of the vegetable mounts. But I had the cowries, so I bought all three for 54,000.

The Posher Otter

I am, however, a fan of the new minion. Not only does the Posher Otter lend a bit of steampunk feel to the area, but the lantern works. With an otter lamp in my indoor garden, I shouldn't be surprised, but I was.

Standing next to the Tactful Taskmaster with my umbrella

The fashion accessory was an umbrella inspired by the Tactful Taskmaster. Not one that will replace my current go-to, but if I ever want to say I've played island sanctuary without saying I've played island sanctuary, a good option. Especially in the rain.

Barding with cat ears

Finally we have the new barding. I like the barding, and not just because of the cat ears. My main job is white mage, and the coloration goes with the traditional red and white colors at level 50. Plus, I dyed my chocobo red and I think the white goes well with the color.

I have a lot more to do, but I didn't want to wait until later today when I reach level 15. Hopefully I'll have the chance to write about ranks 15 and 16 in a couple of weeks. I'm almost at the point I've caught up with gathering all the materials I will need and can go back to my normal island sanctuary schedule. Once I get to rank 16, though, I'm sure I'll want to show off again.

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