Sunday, August 22, 2010

EQ2 Extended Macro: Opening Your Bags

Having two Silver accounts in EQ2 Extended means that I only get 3 of the 6 normal bag slots.  I'm okay with that.  What I don't like is that every time I open my bags, the three bag slots that I can't access show up.  I'm guessing that this is a subtle hint that if I upgrade my account that I can have all 6 slots.  Whatever the reason, I find it annoying.  So I pulled out some of my old knowledge of EQ2 and created a macro that would only open the three bag slots I paid for.

For those who have never created a macro, click on the EQII button in the lower left corner of your window.  Select Socials and then click on the Macros tab.  To begin editing, click where indicated.

The macro is a three command macro.  In the Macro Step drop down menu select Command and then click on the Add Step button three times.  In the text boxes that appear, type in the commands below.

/bag_open 1 0
/bag_open 1 1
/bag_open 1 2

Once that is done, click on the Test button to make sure the macro works.  Once that is done, click the OK button and then drag the icon for your new macro to one of your action bars.  If you put it on the first action bar, you can open your bags with one keystroke.


  1. If you open your inventory and right click the locked bag slots, and destroy the 'Small Bag' that is in the slot, they won't show up anymore :)

  2. Or just do it the easy way and just press B as in Bags

  3. But B brings up the extra bags I find annoying, which is the purpose of the macro. Now if I can just figure out a way to get it to toggle on and off.

  4. You can also use /togglebags for your macro and it will open/close them all