Friday, August 20, 2010

Very Quick First Thoughts On EQ2 Extended

I got into EQ2 Extended last night and made two station accounts which I quickly upgraded to Silver.  Right now I have two level 4 characters, a berserker and a inquisitor.  I started both in the New Halas starting area since I never played Sentinel's Fate.  Right now, my older computer is running on Balanced settings and my newer computer is running on the default settings with Shader 3.  That is beautiful.

A couple of things I noted.  First, the game is streamed onto my computer, which meant I got to play right away.  I liked that in Free Realms and I like it now, even if it is causing lag on my older computer.  But that just may be my anti-virus software.  You can see when data is downloaded because a cute little dragon appears and you get to see the rate at which the data is downloading.

The other real quick item of note is that the default character appearance are the SOGA models.  I'm going with the SOGA models just because I like those models for half-elves over the original models and my inquisitor is a half-elf.  Yes, I may not be playing the game right with that choice, but I'm not buying a racial pack this early in the beta.

I know this isn't much, but I've only run a couple of quests so far.

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