Monday, August 2, 2010

Catching Up On Podcasts

I had a wonderfully peaceful weekend where I didn't have to do anything for work.  So in addition to buying a Hurricane in Eve Online, running around Azeroth and trying to learn the Bulgarian alphabet, I spent some time catching up on MMO podcasts.

First up was Broadcasts from the Ninveah.  He has started editing the podcast and bought a new microphone, which is part of the reason for the 5 podcast rule. New podcasters are always experimenting and upgrading equipment for the first few shows.

Next was another short-form podcast, Channel Massive ... Today!  It is good to hear Jason podcasting again and I loaded a few of the first podcasts and listened to them while flying over the Atlantic.  I listened to the last two Saturday.  If you are looking for a short podcast to listen to and don't mind some colorful language, go over to the Channel Massive website and give Channel Massive ... Today! a listen.

Then of course I had to listen to Van Hemlock #113.  Listening to Tim and Jon talk about games is always a pleasure.  Although from what I heard on the show about Tim's wormhole experience in Eve, the pair may need to change the show's logo.

New Logo for the Van Hemlock podcast?

Next I listened to No Prisoners, No Mercy #65.  For some reason, I just couldn't get into the podcast like I used to.  Possibly the reason was that the sound was kind of hard to hear while I was running missions in my new Hurricane.  Given some of the content of the show, Sister Julie being drowned out by Eve is kind of funny.  But the other reason just could be I've been reading the EQ2 forums about the EQ2 Extended service and I wasn't in the mood for listening to complaining by the time I clicked on the play button.

Finally I ended my podcast listening with Scott & Randy on The Instance #197 (which I see does not have an entry on The Instance website).  I'm glad to have heard Scott & Randy's take on the launch of StarCraft 2 since I had heard about the game at work.  I'm not into RTS, but with a game this big, I'm definitely interested in at least learning a little about it.

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